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In the last

F-16-for the return of Crimea. How Ramstein created Ukraine's prospects for de -occupation

In the last "Ramstin" actually formed "fighter coalition". It will start working not immediately, but by the fall-and the international expert Maxim Yali explains why she should help. The Ramstina actually formed a coalition with F16. The first stage is the preparation of pilots. It will start no later than two weeks. The second stage is the transfer of F16 of the Armed Forces. It will already be autumn.

Most likely, those countries that will participate in the preparation of Ukrainian pilots will make up the skeleton of those who will participate in the second. The Netherlands have already stopped contract for the sale of their F16. By autumn, I think it will be clear whether we will be able to define all the territories that are still held by the enemy. Even the chairman of the United States Committee, General Millie, doubts that this will be achieved in 2023.