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The schoolboy experimentally proved that the invention of an ancient Greek scien...

Known ray of death from Archimedes: A 12-year-old schoolboy confirmed that weapons are working

The schoolboy experimentally proved that the invention of an ancient Greek scientist could burn ships. The 8th grade student from Canada proved that "Death Beam", invented by the ancient Greek scientist Archimedes, really works, writes IFL Science. According to some reports, such a "ray of death" used the sun's rays to burn enemy ships. Weapons were probably used against the Roman fleet quite effectively. But researchers still hesitate to answer whether there was such a weapon in ancient times.

In order to resolve a long-standing dispute, a 12-year-old branden Sin has built a reduced version of weapons and ship, finding out that Archimeded's concept was working. In focus. Technology has appeared its Telegram channel. Subscribe not to miss the latest and most intrusive news from the world of science! The legends say that for the first time the death beam was used against the Romans who invaded during the siege of Syracuse, which lasted from 212 to 213 BC.

When warships approached the besieged city located on Sicily, the defenders used the invention of Archimedes to discard the enemy. According to the records of the Greek historian Lukian, Archimedes placed mirrors along the Gulf of Syrachea to direct the sun's rays on the enemy ship, forcing them to light up. Later, the famous French philosopher Rene Descartes and others, rejected this idea as a fiction. But we were still trying to reproduce weapons.

For example, in 2005, scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) found that the invention of Archimedes is able to set fire to an enemy ship in only 11 minutes. With less opportunities, the Sever stopped at the table version of the ancient death of death, using a series of concave mirrors and LED table lamps.

He found that when using reflectors to focus a 50-watt heat source on the cardboard sheet, the target temperature can be raised by 2 ° C with each additional mirror, up to three mirrors. Adding the fourth mirror led to a sharp jump in temperature by 8 ° C. When he repeated the experiment using a 100-watt lamp, he found that "a change in temperature for each mirror was 4 ° C to three mirrors and an additional 10 ° C for the fourth mirror.

" "Based on my experimental results, I agree with the group of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and I believe that with a sufficiently strong source of heat and large mirrors, focused at an ideal angle, the fire can be possible," - writes the young author of the study.