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I wish health, dear Ukrainians, Ukrainians! The day is meaningful today - we pre...

Our task is to give Ukraine all opportunities to produce weapons and shells to have reliable protection against aggression - Presidential appeal

I wish health, dear Ukrainians, Ukrainians! The day is meaningful today - we prepare the strong second half of September. Strong as events in our international work with partners and those that we implement the solutions here in Ukraine. There are already dozens of negotiations, there is already a clear schedule of meetings. There will be no less clear and specific results. The second thing that is important to say.

We continue to prepare the Defense Industrial Forum - the first such event to take place in Ukraine. This fall will happen. Interest in the forum is very high. This completely reflects the power and potential of Ukraine - our ability to protect themselves and help other countries to protect freedom and international order . . . 86 leading defense companies in the world - which is 21 countries - have confirmed their participation in the forum.

Our task is quite obvious-to give all the opportunities for Ukraine to produce weapons and shells, to give modern technologies to have reliable protection against any forms of aggression. But, in addition, of course, to extend our experience of protection, the experience of Ukrainian defense among allies and partners. The world must be stronger than any threat to life from any aggressors or terrorists.

During this week, we also have significant progress in the implementation of available defense arrangements and other support packages. Denmark-Thank you for the new defense package, and this is the 12th package. Technique, ammunition, rockets for our protection of the sky. Germany - thank you for the new military aid party. Belgium - participation in the training of our pilots. Thank you! Norway is a decision on additional funds for the restoration of Ukraine. Very important.

Thank you! South Korea - Thank you for a new agreement for financial support! The United States is a new sanction decision to limit Russia's ability to terror. Thank you! And, of course, our warriors. All the crews and units that are now in the battles. Kharkiv, Donetsk region, Luhansk, Zaporizhzhya region, Kherson region. And those who have already distinguished the results of Ukraine with the necessary results, and those who, I am sure, are preparing to give Ukraine success.