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At the National Museum of Taras Shevchenko, yoga classes were held, for which th...

Through yoga: Frames of maternity hospital shelling in Mariupol (photo) were closed at the Kiev Museum

At the National Museum of Taras Shevchenko, yoga classes were held, for which the organizers were hung by spooky footage of shelling of Mariupol. After mass criticism, the company apologized for the incident. On Sunday, November 19, at the National Museum of Taras Shevchenko in the hall dedicated to the World Press Photo 2023 exhibition, where a photo of a maternity hospital shelling in Mariupol was presented, yoga classes took place. To do this, the pictures were hidden behind the curtains.

This was written by journalist Christina Berdynsky on Facebook. According to her, a fitness club class was held on the same floor, which also posted on social networks the announcement of yoga session against these "very difficult" photos. After the message caused a negative reaction from the visitors, it was removed. However, the museum decided not to cancel the sports event, but to hold it in the morning, before the museum was opened.

Photos of shelling of Ukrainian Mariupol were simply hidden behind the curtains. "I do not know who is worse in this situation-a fitness club or a museum," the journalist added at the end. The incident was also commented by the photographer, the World Press Photo 2023 Prize winner Eugene Lapletka. "This is such a business in Ukrainian. Taras Shevchenko National Museum and this sports studio decided that they wanted to sneeze on everyone. Sheets.

World Press Photo is held around the world where such cases are not allowed. What to say about the country in which the war is ongoing, "he said.

The director of the National Museum of Taras Shevchenko Dmitry Stus in a comment for "UP" confirmed the fact of conducting the lesson and said that he did not agree with the indignation of people: "And what, people who live here cannot be eligible for relaxation?" In addition, Stus has accused the organizers of World Press Photo of "blowing up a scandal around the event. " The Smartass Sports Club Network has posted a message that apologized for the incident.

The appeal states that the training should take place "in the presence of a preliminary exposition", but it was changed to an exhibition of military photos. "We, as a conscious business, in no way deny the importance of the context in which we live, and in particular the importance of exposition, which is a manifestation of regular charity training, support of social initiatives and coaches that serve in the Armed Forces today.

However, we understand What raised the question and apologize for this incident, " - said the organizers of yoga classes. We will remind, on March 9, 2022 the Aviation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation dropped bombs to hospital in the center of Mariupol. As a result, maternity, therapeutic and children's ward were completely destroyed.

The bombs were first reported in the city center in the city center, and later the clarifying information was reported that one of the bombs had destroyed the maternity hospital. The pediatric and therapeutic department of the hospital were also destroyed. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky showed the results of bombing from the inside of the building and again urged to close the sky.