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It is a movie based on real events. In the plot, the history of the British sold...

Hollywood's father Tom Gardy will work on the script of the tape about the war in Ukraine

It is a movie based on real events. In the plot, the history of the British soldier who lived in Ukraine and went to fight when Russia is coming to Ukraine. Tom Hardy's father screens the memoirs of the Ukrainian war of the British soldier. This information was reported by the US edition Yahoo. In particular, it is known that the British-Ukrainian Production Group United Heroes is going to adapt the autobiographical memories of the British soldier Sean Pinner about his experience of war in Ukraine.

The directors plan to screen this as a feature film that has previously been named "English Warrior". Pinner's book is a untreated story from the first mouth about how he was an English soldier, which was in the midst of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022. After marrying the Ukrainian and entering the army as a sniper instructor, Pinner found himself on the forefront, defending Mariupol. As a result, Pinner was captured.

The name of the book comes from the message that his wife sent Pinner during his last connection with his beloved before he was captured "Live. To fight. Survive. " Writer Edward Chips Hardy, who created the BBC/FX Taboo series, together with his son, actor Tom Hardy, and the author of "sharp shorts" by Stephen Knight, is involved in the film adaptation of Pinner's book. "It is an extraordinary story of human stability before the war that stands right on our threshold.

I am very excited by the fact that the story will come to life in the movie. At first I intended to disseminate information about how Ukrainian prisoners are tortured and handled with them, and Also illuminate the suffering caused by the illegal and uncontrolled invasion of Russia into Ukraine. In Ukraine in terms of land and direct experience, "Pinner wrote. We will remind, earlier we wrote that Sean Penn commented on old rumors about a family quarrel with Madonna.