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Dear Ukrainians! Now - Washington.  NATO summit begins today. We fight for more ...

We fight for more F-16 air defense and aircraft for Ukraine, additional security guarantees and decisive action of America and Europe-Presidential appeal

Dear Ukrainians! Now - Washington.   NATO summit begins today. We fight for more air defense for Ukraine. I'm sure it will be. We fight for more aircraft. F-16. We fight to be. We fight for additional security guarantees for Ukraine - which are weapons and finances, political support. We fight for the necessary actions of America and Europe - what will strengthen our warriors. We do and always do everything to lose Russian terror.

And this is not only our country - it is all necessary, literally every partner, to all peoples. We will restore "Ohmatdit". I'm in touch with the Cabinet. There is the first decision - 100 million hryvnias to support Okhmatdit. There will be another 300 million.   There will be other decisions for both Kyiv, Dnipro and Donetsk cities - we will support all. We will help all children, all families - to all families.

I thank all our people who supported Ohmatdit, who are collecting on United24, who help: companies, volunteers, all those who have joined now. This is our unity, Ukrainian, is needed. I thank the leaders, the countries - everyone who has condemned Russian terror yesterday and today. We appreciate your support, friends! We are on the phone - we work with partners now so that no one is silent. To be condemned. And you really want everyone to act. To make those solutions that will return security.