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After February 24, 2022, the number of murders and sexual crimes in Russia, espe...

Kills and Cannibals: Prisoners involved in the war have become a problem for the Russian Federation - Bloomberg

After February 24, 2022, the number of murders and sexual crimes in Russia, especially against children, has not decreased over the last two years. Compared to the pre -war period, this figure increased by 62%. Russia has sent so many men to the war that the crime rate in the country had fallen significantly shortly after the start of a full -scale invasion of Ukraine.

However, relatively positive statistics did not last long - after the return of military personnel, in particular with the criminal past, there is a spike in crimes in the Russian Federation. This is stated in Bloomberg. According to the Supreme Court of Russia, the number of crimes committed by servicemen and not related to the war increased by more than 20%last year.

Despite the fact that the total number of such cases is still small and many returned servicemen do not commit offenses, the number of violent crimes, theft and drug crimes has increased sharply. These data do not include crimes committed by tens of thousands of convicts released from prisons to participate in the war under a program developed by the late Wagner PEC leader Yevgeny Prigogin.

Those who survived the six months at the front could get a pardon from President Vladimir Putin and return to Russia by free people. What is the reason for the splash of violence in the Russian Federation? Sociologists have long noted that after the end of military conflicts, crime growth is often observed. Researchers consider many possible reasons for this - from social upheavals to injuries received by soldiers, and Russia, as a fighting country, has been an exception.

"In prison, they are treated as worthless, and everything is getting worse on the front. The experience with which they return is a trauma that will manifest decades," Kazan Yasveev's sociologist from Kazan explained. Although the number of severe crimes has declined, the number of killings and sexual crimes, especially against children, has not decreased over the last two years.

According to Bloomberg estimates, the number of lecherous actions against minors increased by 62% compared to the pre -war period. In addition, the return from the Wagner Front was a shock for residents of Russian cities and villages who found people among them, which they thought, were serving long prison terms. As it turned out, people were convicted of murders and even cannibalism. Initially, the Kremlin spoke of "blood atonement" for those convicted who spent six months at the front.

However, in March, the management refused this practice, and now the prisoners who have signed the contract with the Russian Defense Ministry are forced to remain on the forefront until the end of the so -called "their". However, they return and often become deserters. As a result, the number of crimes with the participation of the military, according to the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, in 2023 compared to 2021 increased four times - to 4409.

The material also provides the total number of prisoners who were sent to Ukraine. According to the organization for the protection of the rights of prisoners "Russia behind bars", in total, about 175,000 former prisoners from the Russian Federation came to the Ukrainian front. And their return will only aggravate the situation with crime in Russia. "Like any other veteran, they are most likely to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.