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The FSB of the Russian Federation stated that the Air Force of the Armed Forces ...

The Armed Forces can use Russian helicopters on the front: in Defense Express indicated at an interesting moment

The FSB of the Russian Federation stated that the Air Force of the Armed Forces received Russian aircraft because of their illegal sale by development. We are talking about three Mi-9 helicopters and IL-76 transport planes. The FSB accused Rosivation of illegally withdrawal of 59 boards in Russia's jurisdiction and conducted searches. Defense Express experts believe that such charges look "strange".

Rosivation, it is a "federal air transport agency", is responsible for the segment of civil aircraft and state property in this segment. According to the FSB, from March 2022 to June 2023, 59 boards were illegally deduced from the jurisdiction of Russian, 36 of them were sold abroad, and eight were illegally withdrawn. In addition, the invaders claim that several aircraft began to fight on the front on the side of Ukraine.

We are talking about three Mi-8 helicopters and IL-76 transport planes, which allegedly performed flights with the defendants switched off, which as a result allows you to hide information about routes. The enemy stated that the IL-76 boards could be used to deliver weapons and equipment for the Armed Forces. Experts noted that the accusations seem "strange" because Rosivation is responsible only for civilian air transport.

"The case is unlikely to fall in very rare episodes when the Russian military was distracted by Mi-8 and seemed to be captured by Ukraine. To imagine a situation where civilians are" roaming "from the territory of the Russian Federation and then find themselves on our land to destroy the occupiers "It is also difficult," said Defense Express.

Analysts emphasized that it is not necessary to exclude the option when the FSB only opened another "pest business" under the accused, as happened in Stalin's times. We will remind, on December 26 in the media reported that the Russian United Aviation Corporation (UAC) released fifth-generation fighters of the Su-57. The enemy argued that in 2023 the state order for the issue of such sides increased twice.