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Germany provided Ukraine with a third part of the promised anti-aircraft complex...

"Sigh with relief": Ukraine has arrived additional IRIS-T air defense set

Germany provided Ukraine with a third part of the promised anti-aircraft complexes Iris-T. However, the industry does not have time to produce missiles for these complexes, journalists said. On May 24, another IRIS-T SLM air defense set up in Ukraine. The installation is able to protect additional medium -range infrastructure and supplement other similar systems that have arrived earlier. The details of the new delivery of weapons from Germany were told on the Der Spiegel portal.

Journalists have declared another air defense set, referring to their own unnamed sources in Germany. According to their data, IRIS-T is already in the territory of Ukraine and is ready to reflect the air attacks of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. The portal was added that Iris-T SLM-that is, medium range: they knock down up to 40 km away and up to 20 km in height. Installation is already a heel that has arrived in the Armed Forces.

Germany promised nine Iris-T SLM (the estimated cost of the complex-140-178 million euros). Also earlier, the promise to give 11 IRIS-T SLS (up to 25 km) was provided-only one of them was given, journalists wrote. According to the portal, the installations that came earlier protected important objects in Kyiv and Lviv. Where the new complex will go, they did not specify.

Instead, they emphasized another problem - lack of missiles for air defense, which Western businesses do not have time to produce. IRIS-T is an anti-aircraft missile line, which is produced by the German Diehl Defense plant. One complex includes radar, control and starting installation. The speed of flight of rockets, which are capable of knocking down Russian air, rockets and drones) reaches 3 thousand km/h.

It should be noted that in an interview with The New York Times, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy stated that the country needs seven more PATROTIt settings to protect against the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Russia has exacerbated rocket-okola attacks in the spring of 2024 and damaged a number of electrogeneration facilities-Trypillian TPP, two Dnieper hydroelectric power plants and others.

In May, Ukrnergo NEC reports daily about the need to shut down the power supply to keep the system. We remind that on May 23 the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation struck a massive rocket strike on Kharkiv. According to the chairman of the Kharkiv Ova, the Russians kissed the object of transport infrastructure. Among other things, rockets were hit by typography of the Vivat publishing house, burned down 50,000 books and killed seven Ukrainians, the prosecutor's office said.