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According to journalists, Russia is not able to meet the demand for weapons for ...

Moscow does not fulfill its obligations: a new conflict is ripe between the Russian Federation and India - the media

According to journalists, Russia is not able to meet the demand for weapons for India. Russia cannot fulfill its obligations to supply weapons to India because of the war in Ukraine. This can create a tension between New Delhi and Moscow, which CNN writes. The publication writes that the representative of the Air Force India has declared Parliament that a large supply of weapons from the Russian Federation through the Russian invasion of Ukraine had broken.

On March 22, the Lower House of Parliament of India published a statement that clearly indicates the shortcomings in the opportunities of the Russian Federation to fulfill its obligations to India. "They told us in writing that they could not (ed. ) The report does not mention the features of delivery. According to journalists, the most current supply from Russia to India is the C-400 Triumph SPR, purchased in 2018 for $ 5. 4 billion. However, until the Russian Federation put 2 remaining systems.

Straw relationship in the material states that New Delhi has strong connections with Moscow, dating back to the Cold War, and, as before, is highly dependent on the Kremlin in terms of military equipment. According to Kharsh Pant, Vice -Cresident of Research and Foreign Policy of the Think Thank Observer Research Foundation, recognition of the Lower House of Indian Parliament emphasize the problems that hinder India and the Russian Federation.

"And the Ukrainian crisis has accelerated the trend that India has tried for a very long time to diversify and was concerned about its excessive dependence on Russia," he told reporters. Earlier, analysts at the Stockholm International Institute for World Research (SIPRI) have stated that exports of Russian weapons were collapsing. According to analysts, exports of Russian weapons have decreased in 8 out of the 10 largest buyers.