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In the Armed Forces, dynamic protection, and Ukrainian development, is used in W...

"Occupants' Tanks become a brotherly coffin: protect against drones but not from SAU and PTRK (video)

In the Armed Forces, dynamic protection, and Ukrainian development, is used in Western armored vehicles. Although there may be examples of use and homemade "barbecue", but in the removal version, says journalist Alexander Matvienko. The Ukrainian military began to be installed on western tanks, especially "Leopards 1", the System of Dynamic Protection "Contact-1" and "Knife".

Russian invaders are massively switching to "birdhouses" and "sheds", which, although protecting against drones and cumulative ammunition, but in the event of the defeat become a mass grave for the crew. Alexander Matvienko, a journalist of the military department of focus, told about it in the conversation. He noted that the Armed Forces fighters could also actively use "brazier", because there are very little on Western equipment.

At the same time, the ammunition of Western tanks, unlike the Soviet cars, is outside the crew. "Now our guys have to use the dynamic protection of Ukrainian development on the front of the tank and tower," Matvienko notes. "This can be effective because Russians use FPV-punks with RPG jet grenades and dynamic protection is intended to improve the protection against cumulative means , burning armor and exploding inside.

" According to the journalist, dynamic protection has several layers that suppress the cumulative stream that tries to burn the armor. The Russians, in turn, make "sheds", which are also designed on the principle of several layers, but already made of improvised materials. In the Ukrainian army, they are still limited to smaller superstructures. "The Armed Forces tankers also do a similar upgrade, but in a assembly version that it can be quickly removed when it is not needed," the journalist said.

"In this case, it will be much easier to manage and maintain a tank. " Alexander says that the special joy of every destroyed Russian "shed" in Internet-positions appeared not just so, because even such homemade protection really helps in the fight against drones. It has several layers, as well as the ETB systems for inhibition of the FPV-aroma radio frequencies.

"On the one hand, the severity of the" sheds "of the invaders testifies to the deficit in the Ukrainian army of anti-tank tools of the type" Stugna ", for some reason went the skewing to the use of FPV-the fields," the journalist said. "They have become more often destroyed because the situation with the supply of Western weapons and the activity of the occupiers has improved.

They seem to see the meaning of using a tank as a assault machine that should go in front, to exchanging and blazing drones. " The journalist emphasizes that such Russian "sheds", although really well protect against UAV attacks, but when using anti -tank weapons become literally a coffin for the entire crew. The construction of Soviet tanks involves storing the ammunition around the crew.