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Mobilization on the march. What is wrong with the military enlistment offices and training centers of the Armed Forces

"After getting into the right combat team, a man successfully mowes the enemy in a week, and a smart sergeant transforms yesterday's mother's pie into a wonderful mortar, who puts on the X-Igrek, like the hand of the Lord. Otherwise, you will not call it. Where the paper instructions and procedures of the Second World War give a lag. The path from a citizen to a soldier as of today is tied on a normatu, which has not changed for 50-60 years.

It was developed in those days when the Soviet Union was preparing for a throw on La- Mansh, and, accordingly, included almost exclusively forced elements. The general logic is: there is a man, he is 18, he is a military He puts on the military enlistment office, then calls for conscript service, then he comes from service and again registers, so that when the green whistle whistles upside down, stand up again.

The key element of this design is the inseparable connection of the citizen with the issues of military accounting. Without taking into account (and, accordingly, the inevitable service) you will not get a job, you will not give you housing, and in general this obstacle is so great that only a small percentage of marginalists and criminals could neglect this issue. As of now, the situation is quite different. The military enlistment office was not needed.

The citizen of the military enlistment office, in principle, also - except for the corrupt resolution for accounting, sell a military ticket and so on. Some specific CNAP, which is simply and all. As the point of entry into the war they were never considered-civilians could not imagine this at all, and reserves from the ATO/OOS zone always suspected that at best they would find in their place or confused duty duty happened).

Any attempts by the state to establish electronic military accounting systems except ashes have not ended-because society did not understand the opportunity, and responsible persons did not understand how to do it. So everything is left - we get the outfit for replenishment, go to the basement with paper filing cabinets, select by vosam, we give out the summons, we take away. Plus chronic underfunding and everything. In short, lounger.

Then the war began, which finally cemented the current order of things, adding to it enormous plans for mobilization, which must be performed by the forced method, which causes all these vexs from the runner from the stories and heather on social networks. But let's look at the further path of recruitment. After receiving the summons, he undergoes a physical examination and goes as part of the teams to the training centers.

Learning centers now, that is, "training", work exterior and have almost no learning capacity. Roughly speaking, in order to teach people something, they need to be collected in classes, kept together, using textbooks and more. All this requires an infrastructure that is constantly bombing, and it is clear that it is a bad idea to stick replenishment in barracks. Therefore, everyone learns "basic infantry preparation" - that is, how to live in armor, disassemble a machine gun . . .

and, in fact, everything. "In part, everything will be taught. " Further from the training centers a powerfully trained personnel, most of which have passed a ten -day course in kitchen, is distributed in military units and most often the next day arrives in the areas of tasks - because people are extremely needed and no one is going to keep them on the PPD. That is, the whole process includes a bunch of problems.

They are mobilized to score the plan, learn to execute the plan, send to close the outfit. But you know what? You can work on the spot with all this. Frightened by hostile propaganda (because I do not see something), after getting into the right combat collective, a week later mowed the enemy, and the smart sergeant transforms for two classes yesterday's mother's pie into a wonderful mortar, who puts on the ICS-Igrek. But. All this can be done with normal people.

It is unimportant gender, age, conditional health, region of residence or occupation. All these are only factors, because if the person is normal, then the soldier will be normal. In general, it is called the "complex of personal moral and business qualities", but it is clear that OK should be normal. Not a mobile, not a Scykun, not an alcoholic, not a drug addict, not a criminal, not a shit, not hysterics, not an idiot. You can list "not" for a long time. And here is a huge problem.

And its reason is two selection links, which is indifferent, because we do not serve it with it. The problem person is visible immediately - both at the stage of mobilization and at the training center. But this does not apply to anyone - our business is done, and then let them understand in parts. And it turns out that it comes to people who are directly newly created by a soldier, though they have never seen it! Imagine you hire a person to work, you need a hairdresser.

You turn to the recruiting agency, ask the hairdresser and that he will additionally take the hairdressers. You are sent a mechanic that has passed very bad opera singers. And you have to take it to work, although it comes drunk, dirty and first of all asks what salary and where you can hang out here. This is the system of army recruitment. Recharge is less and worse. In the last parties, such characters have gone massively that otherwise you will not call it.

Patients with chronic diseases, with dependencies, mentally unstable, motivated exclusively tomorrow to escape to the hospital and receive a salary. A third minimum - does not work out the form they have given. What should you do? To change the consciousness of the process in the opinion of great superiors. The employer is not an army. The employer is a specific military unit. And it is directed and treated as an employer.

Moreover, military units should compete with each other for recruits in the same way as employers compete for specialists. The current position allows, everything you need to do is change the paradigm itself. To stop the protection of their homeland punishment for those who have not escaped in time and begin to consider it what it is an important work in today's Ukraine. And to take this job in the same way as others.

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