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The Ukrainian Furia Dron is able to fly into the deep rear of the invaders and t...

Himars target: how the Armed Forces use Furia drones against Russian tanks - media (video)

The Ukrainian Furia Dron is able to fly into the deep rear of the invaders and track the target up to 50 km away. After that, HIMARS and other Armed Forces weapons begin. Fighters 79 Separate landing brigade monitor Russian equipment with the help of a large reconnaissance drone "Furia". Thanks to this device, it was possible to keep the defense near Novomikhailivka in Donetsk, where about 300 tanks of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation were burned.

How Furia UAV works, told on the TSN portal. TSN journalists spoke with Ukrainian drones who work with Furia - a large UAV, which is called "wings" because of the design features. The drone helps to cite a long -range artillery and HIMAR RSD. For example, within one day, three enemy guns were neutralized, - the soldiers said. "This is such a shortage, but a very needed drone for the Ukrainian army, by the way, full -time - it is issued by the Ministry of Defense.

It is Furia and he sees very far into the rear of the enemy and defines the most attractive goals," the report was reported. The portal showed footage shot by Furia - the operator noticed the accumulation of Russian equipment and live power. The next few frames are moments of hitting Ukrainian shells, fire and smoky pillars at the explosion. Journalists also showed how the operators launch UAVs-for example, a 24-year-old fighter with a call sign "Luke".

First you need to determine the direction of the wind, wait for the signal from the maximum number of satellites, then throw forward "furius", pulling on a special rope. The video shows how easily the device takes off and goes to the right direction. In the video, shot of Furia, operators saw the Russian Grad, military cars, KAMAZ for the transportation of the ammunition.

There are also night frames - the device flew far enough and managed to prepare in time for the storm of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. At some point in joint work of fighters and journalists, Russian UAV appeared on the position. After that, Furia was immediately planted with a parachute, found in the bushes and stopped urgently so as not to get under the enemy projectile. "Furia" is a reconnaissance drone of the Armed Forces, which is at the front from the first days of the war.

The device is able to fly up to 50 km and stay in the air for up to 3 hours. UAVs have been made since 2015. The aviation complex as a whole costs from 60 to $ 160 thousand. Said the focus. Earlier, the fighters of 79 brigades showed battles near Novomikhailivka. The Ukrainian military created a video and a special map, which marked the destroyed tanks of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. The estimated number of technology lost by the Russians - about 300 units.