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According to analysts, the new decree of the Russian President allows the local ...

The "yellow" level of terrorist threat in Bryansk and Kursk: in ISW ​​called the reason

According to analysts, the new decree of the Russian President allows the local authorities to continue the increased level of terrorist danger for an indefinite period. On Friday, February 3, the Bryansk and Kursk regions of the Russian Federation announced the extension of the "yellow" level of terrorist threat. These measures can be an information operation aimed at the Russians, according to the report of the Institute of War Study (ISW) of February 3.

Analysts believe that Russian officials are promoting the narrative that the war in Ukraine is a direct threat to Russia's internal security. To this end, the authorities resort to various legislative manipulations. Thanks to the decree signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin on January 31, the process of increasing terrorist danger is simplified. In addition, local authorities can continue it "indefinitely".

"Bryansk and Kursk and Kursk regions will probably use this new" terror level "regime for escalation , - experts suggest. The locals of the border regions of the Russian Federation periodically report various incidents. So, on December 25, the local Telegram-channels of Kursk appeared information about explosions in the area of ​​the airfield in the village of Halyne.

According to open sources, there is an aviation military unit earlier, on December 24, there was information that in the Kursk region, two employees of the Border Guard Department of the Federal Security Service were blown up in the Kursk region. According to journalists, the APC with security forces ran into a mine near the Krupets checkpoint.

On the morning of January 2, the governor of Bryansk region Alexander Bogomaz stated that in the Klimiv district Ukrainian UAV allegedly attacked the object of energy infrastructure. It was also reported that after the adventure in the village was temporarily lacked electricity. Focus also wrote that on January 9, employees of the FSB regional administration in the Bryansk region detained a local resident who tried to cross the state border to serve in the Armed Forces.

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