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The injured servicemen had to call an ambulance. Shortly before the attack, the ...

"Armed" safety pasto

The injured servicemen had to call an ambulance. Shortly before the attack, the man tried to escape illegally across the border. The 2024 mobilization was attacked by the military. The press service of the Chernivtsi Regional Territorial Center of Acquisition and Social Support was shared by the details of the incident on June 24. The Ukrainian was detained after an unsuccessful attempt to flee illegally abroad.

The offender was handed over to the CCC staff who took him to the military enlistment office to clarify the data. Sitting in the back seat in the car, the man attacked the military and tried to stifle the driver's safety belt. In order to quench the evasant from the mobilization 2024, the investigative group was summoned. In addition, due to the injuries of the military, I had to call "ambulance". The Tax Code noted that the 2024 mobilization offender tried to "manipulate public opinion.

" He posted a video on social networks, on which he posted himself to the victim. The employees of the Tax Code, who attacked the "grateful" countryman during the mobilization of 2024, were combatants. These servicemen joined the Armed Forces at the beginning of a full-scale war and served as a landing assault troops. They were transferred to the military enlistment office because of their health.

The Chernivtsi OTCC called on all the conscripts to fulfill their duty, and citizens - with respect for defenders who "risk your life and health. " We will remind, journalist Vitaliy Glagula reported that on June 21 on the border with Moldova seized a record number of evasion. 47 men were illegally gathered abroad, and seven organizers were accompanied by seven organizers.