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According to the Russian politician, there are a number of conditions under whic...

Medvedev listed the conditions of use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine

According to the Russian politician, there are a number of conditions under which Russia can use nuclear weapons without long consultations and not asking anyone. Russian politician Dmitry Medvedev once again threatened with nuclear weapons to the countries of the West and Ukraine. He called the words about democratic values ​​that Western politicians often use "ritual verbal diarrhea. " Medvedev wrote about it in his Telegram channel.

The former Russian president, who is now holding the position of Deputy Security Council of the Russian Federation, believes that the Anglo -Saxon world is trying to defend its exclusive right to govern the world, and as a way of achieving the goal "fountains of diarrhea demagogy" and "evil rhetoric".

The Russian official called the UK Prime Minister Liz Tras "Young Mind of London Aunt", and US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and US Presidential Advisor Jake Sullivan "different secondary", who splash the Atlantic and demand from the RF. buttons.

" The deputy chairman of the Russian Security Council mentioned by Western politicians reminded under what conditions the Russian Federation can use nuclear weapons: according to him, these cases are predefined and agreed with the policy of the Russian Federation in the field of nuclear restraint. In addition, Medvedev said that the Russian Federation would try to prevent the appearance of nuclear weapons in hostile Ukraine.

Medvedev specified that Russia can use nuclear weapons against the Ukrainian leadership after the expected large -scale act of aggression, which carries an existential danger to the Russian Federation. In this case, the official believes, there will be no direct intervention by NATO. "After all, the safety of Washington, London, Brussels for the Alliance is much more important than the fate of no need for no one needs Ukraine," Medvedev expressed his opinion.

He called the supply of weapons to Ukraine nothing more than business for Western countries: neither the United States nor Europe is to die in the nuclear apocalypse, so they ignore the use of any weapon in "current conflict". (Medvedev does not yet call what is happening in Ukraine, war, but no longer "special operation"). Recall that Dmitry Medvedev threatened the United States with the UN collapse if they try to "break" the powers of the UN Security Council.

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