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The US Ministry of Finance has stated that they are not intended to destroy the ...

The ceiling of prices for petroleum products of the Russian Federation: the US and their allies have voiced two figures - CNN

The US Ministry of Finance has stated that they are not intended to destroy the Russian economy, but the Kremlin should lose the ability to pay their war in Ukraine. The United States of America, G7, the European Union and Australia have set two ceilings of prices for "marine oil products of Russian descent".

The maximum cost of petroleum products, which are traded at a higher price than crude oil, will be $ 100 per barrel, and oil products that are traded at a discount to raw oil - $ 45 per barrel. About it writes CNN with reference to the US Department of Finance. It is reported that the first category includes such petroleum products as diesel fuel, kerosene and gasoline, and the second - fuel oil. "Our goal is not to destroy the Russian economy.

Our intention is to make it impossible for the Kremlin to continue to opt for the support of the economy, as well as to pay for their war," the Ministry of Finance's high -ranking official told reporters. The publication mentions that in December last year, the USA, G7, EU and Australia established a ceiling of prices for cheese Russian oil, which limited the opportunity to finance its military aggression in Ukraine.

The US Treasury stated that the Kremlin "openly recognized" losses of the economy caused by the restriction of oil prices. According to official data of the Russian Federation, monthly tax revenues from the sale of energy resources decreased by 46% compared to last month. Recall that on January 10, Reuters reported that G7 can set two ceilings of oil prices and petroleum products from the Russian Federation.

It was assumed that on February 5, 2023, the countries of the Great Seven would impose price restrictions on such goods from Russia as diesel fuel, kerosene and fuel oil. Focus also wrote that on December 5, the EU oil embargo on Russian oil supplies came into force. The ceiling of oil prices from the Russian Federation was set at $ 60 per barrel.

We also wrote that according to The Economist of January 29, the Russian Federation has learned to "pass" European sanctions related to oil business, and does it on an industrial scale. According to Reuters, published on January 18, India and China were the largest importers of oil from the Russian Federation in 2023. From January 1 to January 15 this year, exports of Russian oil from the Baltic Sea ports to the Asian countries increased by 27% compared to the period of December 2022.

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