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As a result of the incident, two employees of the Russian special service and on...

Military RF, killed in a drunk shootout with FSB in Kherson, will install a memorable board (photo)

As a result of the incident, two employees of the Russian special service and one contractor of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation were shot at the occupied regional center. In Russia, it is now stated that the sergeant has died "while performing military duty.

" Russian sergeant Sergei Obukhov, who died in Kherson in a drunken shooting with the participation of the FSB and the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, will install a memorial plaque in his native village Shileshha Ivanivska region to honor his death "during military duty". This was reported on the official page of the local administration on the social network "VKontakte".

As it is specified, the opening ceremony of the commemorative board and the corner of the memory of the deceased will take place on December 9. The name of the Russian military will be perpetuated on the facade of the school building where he studied. As it became known, the commander of the branch of the audiometric intelligence of the battery of artillery intelligence Sergeant Obukhov was also posthumously awarded the Order of Courage.

On June 17, Russian servicemen staged shooting with FSB staff in occupied Kherson in one of the local cafes. The incident was killed and two more were injured. One FSB employee, whose person was not installed, escaped from the scene. As reported by the Investigative Committee of Russia, four servicemen of the temporary operational group № 9 FSB - Igor Yakubinsky, Sergey Privalov, Dmitry Borodin and Yevgeny Tikhonov - about 20 o'clock in the evening entered the cafe "Food.

Contracters - Sergeant Sergei Obukhov and junior Sergeant Igor Sudin, who drank alcohol. FSB staff made comments to the military to drink alcohol in military uniform and with weapons, according to the investigators' report. As a result, the Obukhov opened fire on the security forces. Recall that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov invented an excuse for shelling of Kherson.

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