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Russian troops want to cut the logistics of the Armed Forces to complicate the r...

Defense of Avdiivka. Ukraine throws fresh forces and the Russian Federation changes tactics

Russian troops want to cut the logistics of the Armed Forces to complicate the rotation of troops and supply Ukrainian fighters. The Armed Forces stated that fresh forces were thrown into the Avdeevsky direction. The situation in Avdiivka remains difficult for Ukrainian defenders. Despite the huge losses, Russian troops do not stop the assault. Focus gathered that he was known about the battle for the settlement. Russian troops continue to press on Avdiivka.

The last few days of Deepstate analysts have fixed the promotion of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in this area. According to the commander of the 47th Separate Mechanized Brigade Dmitry Rumin, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation stopped using "meat storms" in the Avdeevsky direction. Now the enemy has moved to the tactics of small assault groups with the support of aviation. The reason - the occupiers cannot maintain the constant pace of "meat storms".

"Now" meat waves "are no longer trying to throw, there are not so many people. They try to feel our defense in small assault groups, work aviation, our warriors are standing in a position," the officer said. The Morning Construction of the General Staff of February 12 indicates that the occupiers have caused air strikes in a number of settlements and Avdiivtsi in particular. There were 100 combat clashes a day, of which 23 attacks were in the Avdiivka area.

"Our warriors keep defense, causing significant losses to the invaders," the General Staff was said. The spokesman of the Tavriya defense forces Dmitry Likhov on the air of the Telelorphone reported that the Russian Federation was trying to break south of the coke plant and a career in Avdiivka. Their goal is to cut the logistics ways of supply. If they do it, it will be much more difficult for defenders to rotate and provide strength.

"If they come closer to the artery of supply, the road passing by the coke plant, a little west, then supply, logistics, replacement and strengthening of our units in the operating area of ​​Avdiivka will be very difficult," Likhov explained. The Russian army has lost 655 units of equipment in 4 months . The Naalsio OSINT analyst calculates the losses of photo or video. The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation lost 222 tanks, which exceeds the total number of tanks throughout France.