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On the occasion of the first anniversary of Kherson's liberation from Russian in...

On the occasion of the first anniversary of Kherson's de -occupation, the President awarded Ukrainians who liberated the city, rescued people and helped resistance to the invaders

On the occasion of the first anniversary of Kherson's liberation from Russian invaders, President Vladimir Zelensky celebrated the state awards aggression. The head of state signed the relevant decree No. 747/2023 of November 10 this year.

The President noted the state awards of ten doctors, employees of local self -government bodies, city military administration, employees of communal enterprises, volunteers who demonstrated their indomitability to the occupiers and facilitated the liberation of Kherson. Six employees of utility companies from other regions were awarded, which were distinguished during the restoration work after Russian terrorist attacks on the city.

Volodymyr Zelensky also noted more than one hundred servicemen of the Armed Forces, the Security Service of Ukraine, the National Guard, National Police, SES and SPSU, who participated in the release of Kherson.

In particular, the Ukrainian defenders were awarded the Honorary Head of State "Cross of Merit", Order of Bohdan Khmelnytsky I, II and III degrees, "For Courage" I, II and III degrees, Danylo Halytsky, medals "for military service of Ukraine" »III degree," Defender of the Fatherland "and" For the saved life ". Among the awarded posthumously-15 servicemen of the 194th battalion of territorial defense of Kherson region.

On March 1, 2022, while in combat positions near the Kherson Lyceum and Lilac Park in Kherson, they entered the battle and the cost of their lives temporarily stopped the promotion of columns of invaders. The Order of Princess Olga III degree marked the acting chairman of the Dniprovsky District Organization of the Red Cross Society of Ukraine in Kherson, volunteer Natalia Shatylov, who during the occupation was actively involved in public resistance to Russian invaders.

Even after the detention and imprisonment, Natalia Shatilova continued to work, helping peaceful people who remained in the city and region. The Order of Merit of the 3rd degree was awarded the chief specialist of the department of Kherson City Military Administration Sergey Melashich. He was engaged in the search, purchase and transfer of drones to the Kherson resistance movement.

After Kherson's de -occupation, Serhiy Melashich actively participated in the rescue of people from the consequences of blasting the dam of Kakhovka hydroelectric power station. Natalia Chernetska, the head of the ship district in Kherson, was awarded the Order of Princess Olga III degree, from the first days of a full -scale invasion of the humanitarian headquarters in the district council. Up to 100 volunteers worked at the headquarters daily.

Together with other Kherson people, Natalia Chernetska participated in protests on the Square of Liberty. After the community's de -occupation, she returned to the city and took a huge amount of humanitarian work. The Order of Courage was awarded the head of the Antonov Old District of the Kherson City Territorial Community of Sergey Ivashchenko.

During the occupation of the Kherson City Territorial Community, he organized and independently provided the residents with humanitarian assistance despite their risk to life. After the destruction of the Dams of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power station, he began to actively resolve the evacuation of residents from the flooded area of ​​the district.

The head of the Inguletsky Old District of the Daryevsky village council of Kherson district of Kherson region Igor Lapin, awarded the Order of Courage of the 3rd degree, from the first days of occupation defended Kherson region in the benches of TROs and suffered serious injuries. On March 1, 2022, he participated in a fight in armed aggression. Thanks to the courageous actions of the warriors of terroboron during the uneven combat the movement of Russian troops was suspended.

Since December 2022, Igor Lapin has been working in the local self -government body and is in charge of community life support. The deputy head of the Kherson city military administration of the Kherson district of Kherson region Serhiy Orekhov was awarded the Order of Merit of the 3rd degree.

Under his direct leadership, from the first days of community de -occupation, work on 24 -hour and emergency repair of the city's critical infrastructure, which was under a constant hostile shelling, was established. Sergey Orekhov helped and participated directly in the arrangement of fortification equipment of defense borders. The Order of Merit of the 3rd degree was awarded so. at.

Vladimir Sahaidak, director of the municipal institution of the Kherson Regional Council "Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation of Children". In conjunction with the Children's Affairs Service and the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), he was able to protect 52 pupils of the institution from the deportation during the occupation and supported families with children in the temporarily occupied Kherson territory.

Volodymyr Sagaydak organized the work of the staff of the institution so that each child is protected and arranged in family forms of education. Head of the department of surgical profile of KNP "Kherson City Clinical Hospital. OS Luchansky ”Vitaliy Khomukh received the honorary title“ Honored Doctor of Ukraine ”. He was actively involved in providing emergency surgical assistance, treatment and rehabilitation of military personnel and civilians.

Vitaliy Khomukh hid Ukrainian defenders during searches in the department. After the de-occupation of Kherson provides emergency surgical assistance to the wounded military and civilian, victims of mine-explosive injuries. The Head of State also celebrated the Order of Merit of the III degree of the Acting Head of the Surgical Department for young children of the Kinsk Children's Regional Clinical Hospital Sergey Rybasy.

In the department where Sergei Rybas works, children with mine-explosive injuries and birth defects are treated. During the war and occupation, the doctor operated on about 500 children, 30 of them were injured as a result of hostilities. Together with volunteers, Sergei Rybas assisted the military of the Armed Forces with medicines. The Order of Courage was posthumously awarded volunteer Oleg Silvestrov.

He actively participated in the gathering of information and operated with the Armed Forces of the Armed Forces in the rear of the enemy. On August 29, 2022, a unit of special purpose of the FSB of the Russian Federation, which tried to destroy it, arrived at the group. Oleg Sylvestrov was the first to meet the enemy, accepted the battle and at the cost of his own life ensured the departure of the main combat group of the Ukrainian military on the planned route.

The Deputy Director of the Department of Housing Policy of the Department of Infrastructure, Housing and Communal Policy of Ivano-Frankivsk City Council Gennady Ponomarenko was awarded the Medal for Work and Studya. On July 14, 2023, he headed the communal brigade of Ivano-Frankivsk, who worked in Kherson and cleared the city's street and household garbage.

The deputy director of KP "Kalushavtodor" of Kaluga City Council Mykola Guriev, awarded the Medal for Work and Strip, from June 27, 2023, headed a brigade Kherson region.

The honorary title of "Honored Builder of Ukraine" was awarded to the Deputy Head of the Department of Technical Supervision of the Capital Construction Department of the Department for Construction and Architecture of Rivne OVA Viktor Wielichka, who participated in the restoration of the residential sector in the territory of Kochubeyevsky territorial community.

The Medal "For Work and Hituda" was awarded the head of the fire department of the Vyshnivtsi settlement council of Ternopil region Volodymyr Klimchuk. He organized the work of the team of workers and participated in the elimination of the consequences of flooding caused by the undermining of the Kakhovskaya Hydroe Public Hydroelectric Power Dress in June 2023.

Director of the Smilyansky Municipal Enterprise "Communal" of Cherkasy region Maxim Glushchenko, awarded the medal "For work and torture", is actively involved in assistance to the victims of military aggression in the regions, in particular Kherson.