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The invasion of Ukraine has finally set itself out of civilized Europe. Therefor...

Get used to living without Russia. How Europe should change in connection with the war in Ukraine

The invasion of Ukraine has finally set itself out of civilized Europe. Therefore, politicians who do not think of Europe without Russia should go, according to sociologist and publicist Alexander Novokhatsky. The circumstances of our modern life are a clear consequence of the irresponsible behavior of several generations of political creatures. They just believed in their exclusivity and perfectness. However, for virtues, for some reason they give out defects and inferiority.

Therefore, the results of their activities . . . You can observe our windows. Their time has passed. But they have not gone yet. They do not understand what to go and disappear from our lives forever. They have to do what has never been done in their political life. They have to answer, to bear real responsibility for everything that has come as a result of their irresponsible political life. To answer life . . . at least political.

Neither fast recipes, nor magic pills, nor sacred mantras like "somehow dissolve", will not work. Even, a magical action in the form of riding on the ears is no longer effect. No scheme, no political figure, no political organization, will not work for real improvement of the situation. Traditional tricks and manipulation of words together with the distortion of content do not resolve the main contradiction, which leads to the destruction of political and world security structures.

The "safety" itself is perceived here in the form and constructively and feel quite different about another . . . Modern Europe has become "old". Worthless, not suitable for adequate response to the challenges and threats of its existence. Our world of relations is collapsing. He is illuminated and frankly. Political figures of the last public generation have already frankly and clearly inadequate-old.

If their methodology, ideology, narratives and a bunch of other political stock were worked, there would be no open -ending of a modern model of relations of the space of relations with an open war and a complete collapse of the modern model of a modern model of relations. In addition, this situation would not even occur. War is always a marker of the fact that there is a deep conflict of contradiction, which leads to a large-scale murder. Russia will never become part of the Western World.

Russia will never stop putting pressure on a person and sow death to those who are able to resist. Russia… And there is an embodiment of the anti -world of civilized people. Those who are civilized-organized on the principle of honoring freedom as a basic need. Russia is evil. Real evil. An example of a world of relationships where freedom is only an obscene chimera and a dangerous Bzdura. Modern old, regardless of biological age, politics, clearly unable to draw the right conclusions.

They are clearly unable to understand what every child knows. They do not agree with evil - it is destroyed. Otherwise, evil will destroy a person. Modern Russia has no place in the future of the world. There is no need to pull it there. There is no need to try to negotiate with evil . . . especially at the expense of hundreds of thousands of life . . . Get used to living without Russia. Get used to. Because it is the same version of the "Politic", through which the whole world political beaum must go through.