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The Had-9 experimental car was equipped with a jet engine from the MiG-19 fighte...

Kharkiv rocket: What was the fastest Ukrainian car (video)

The Had-9 experimental car was equipped with a jet engine from the MiG-19 fighter. The estimated speed of the car was 1 200 km/h. It is known that the last 60 years are absolute world speed records mainly reactive racing cars. However, few people know that one of the first such cars began to cling to Ukrainians-this year is 45 years of reactive Hadi-9. The history of the car was told on the LSA Hadi website.

In 1969, the Laboratory of sports cars of the Kharkiv Highway Institute (LSA Hadi) began to develop a very unusual super -speed car. It was equipped with a RD-9BF jet engine from the MiG-19 fighter. Of course, at that time such a project was something fantastic and very difficult, so work on the car was completed only in 1978. Hadi-9 looked very unusual, because he resembled a rocket on wheels or a jet without wings. He was tricyrace and had a tail plumage. I weighed the 11-meter cars 2.

5 tons, and stopped its brake parachute. According to the calculations of the creators, the jet car had to develop a speed of almost 1 200 km/h, that is, could well overcome the sound barrier. The maximum speed was planned in several stages and initially intended to disperse the car to 700-800 km/h. For reference: the world speed record at that time was 950 km/h. The Hadi-9 tests were held at Chuguev and Volgograd airfields, as well as at the bottom of the dried salt lake Basquechak.

However, more than 500 km/h could not be developed, since all the routes were too short and the car simply did not have time to accelerate. Hadi-9 could show his true opportunities abroad, but he simply did not release it. For a long time, the car was displayed VDNG in Moscow and shot it in the movie "Speed" (in cinema it was called "Igla 02 SR"). Had-9 has not lived to this day. The salt from the Basquechak caused corrosion, which gradually destroyed the body of a unique car.

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