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Dear Ukrainians, Ukrainians! After this day, some important things are worth say...

Our defense and security forces will answer the Russian army to Kherson strikes and villages of Kherson region - the President of Ukraine's address

Dear Ukrainians, Ukrainians! After this day, some important things are worth saying. The first is about our Kherson. Today is the anniversary of the liberation of the city, and I am grateful to all who mentioned how the Kherson opposed the occupier, how they were waiting for the return of the Ukrainian flag and how they met our soldiers. I thank everyone who honored the memory of those who gave their lives today, so that Kherson, like our whole state, be free.

It is very important to remember who and how it fought for the sake of Ukraine, who and how saved the lives of people and our country. I thank all the journalists who resemble it, everyone and everyone who protects this memory of Kherson's liberation and the courage of the Kherson. The day before, I signed a decree on state awards for warriors and civilians who were distinguished there - in the defense of Kherson region. Those who fought for the sake of the state. Those who helped resistance.

Those who rescued and save people. And who is so brave as the world now knows the courage of Ukrainians. Along with our warriors, this decree also marked local authorities. These are people who did not leave their communities, helped protection against the invaders, helped resistance. They were treated and treated, organized assistance to those who could not provide themselves, rescued children from deportation, rescued people from Russian terror. They are saving now.

Under bombs, in conditions of constant blows. I thank you all for your courage and devotion to my work and Ukraine. Thank you to everyone who stays and works there - in communities along the front line. Of course, our safety and defense forces will answer the Russian army to the strikes of Kherson and the villages of Kherson region. The way it always happens. This week has shown that both in the Black Sea and the Crimea, and anywhere we will get the occupier.

And glory to all our guys who so return justice to Ukraine! The second thing that is important to say today. He spoke with President of Poland Duda today. A good conversation. I congratulated Andzeya and all Poles on the Poland's Independence Day. This day for Poland is as important as for us, Ukrainians. The history of our peoples is intertwined and in this - how the independence of our states has been restored, as we care now to protect it.

Ukraine and Poland should be together so that our people are always free. I thank Andzew for kind words today about Ukraine and Ukrainians. Thank you for all the extremely significant support of Poland for our country and people. And one more. We continue the evacuation of Ukrainian citizens from the Gaza Sector. Literally this work continues all day. Almost every hour changes the number of those who have been saved. Already 214 of our people. We also help the citizens of Moldova.