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The Madame Gu ship worth $ 156 million is owned by the Russian State Duma deputy...

US want to arrest the yacht of the Russian billionaire in the UAE - NYT (photo)

The Madame Gu ship worth $ 156 million is owned by the Russian State Duma deputy Andriy Skoch, who twice came under the sanctions of the United States. The United States considers the possibility of arresting the Madame Gu yacht in Dubai, which is associated with the Russian oligarch and the deputy of the State Duma Andriy Skoch. This is stated in the material of The New York Times.

According to journalists, the magnificent Madame Gu yacht, which is estimated by more than $ 150 million, has attracted the attention of the US Department of Justice. The profile ministry is considering the possibility of arrest of expensive transport, the ultimate owner of which is probably the Russian oligarch Andriy Skoch.

"But the United States cannot confiscate property in a sovereign country without the permission Outside of Russia, ”the journalists continued, referring to data obtained from familiar insiders. The newspaper reminds that Oligarch Andriy Skoch twice came under the US sanctions in 2018 and after a full -scale invasion of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation into Ukraine.

In communication with journalists, the insider noted that Washington would pursue assets owned by oligarchs whose sale can be used to help Kiev. "US officials are likely to use a case that the Airbus business jet is raised by $ 90 million in August in August as a Madame Gu arrest plan. This means investigators seek to show that the ship owner Or the companies that provide it with the US financial system, "the journalists added in their material.

The 99-meter Madame Gu yacht is $ 156 million in June. The sanction card stated that the luxurious vessel was connected with the State Duma deputy and billionaire Andriy Skoch, whose fortbes estimated $ 4. 9 billion. Note that in October, information appeared in the media that another Russian oligarch Igor Kesayev appeared, Whose wealth is estimated at $ 2. 6 billion, urgently put up for the sale of his yacht Mysky.

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