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The head of Kharkiv Ova noted that the invaders did not expect such strong resis...

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation planned to capture Vovchansk and reach Kharkiv in two days - Synugubov

The head of Kharkiv Ova noted that the invaders did not expect such strong resistance from Ukrainian defenders. The Russian occupation army planned to capture Vovchansk and reach Kharkiv. Oleg Synigubov, the chairman of Kharkiv Ova Ova, told this interview with Ukrainian Pravda. "They did not count on the rapid opposition of our military.

I will say even more: according to the plans that voiced the prisoners, they were going to capture Vovchansk in two days, and to reach Kharkiv conditionally in five days," - said the high -ranking official. In addition, he added that as of now, the Russians have neither opportunities nor a resource for the offensive on Kharkiv. However, according to Sinogubova, the department does not exclude the scenario of the offensive of Russians in Kharkiv region from Sumy region. "Yes, we work it.

According to our data, they would also have to go in the Zolochiv community. We predict that this is still possible," the official said. It is worth noting that earlier the edition of The Economist in its material noted that Russian invaders planned to take Kharkiv in a semi -point and keep the city on firing control of artillery. However, their plans were prevented by the quickly redistributed 92nd Armed Forces brigade.

On May 15, Focus wrote that, despite the daily massive shelling of Russian invaders, Kharkiv continues to meet refugees and prepare for defense. The power of the region together with volunteers conduct active evacuation of the civilian population.