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Dear Mrs. Head Assemblies! Dear present! Ladies and gentlemen deputies! I am gra...

This Russian regime does not recognize limits, he is not even enough to Europe - the presidential speech before the national assembly of France

Dear Mrs. Head Assemblies! Dear present! Ladies and gentlemen deputies! I am grateful for the invitation to the French National Assembly and the opportunity to turn from our country today.  I very much appreciate the respect for Ukraine and the Ukrainians you meet us with.  Thank you for it. Road France! These days, we honor the courage of people and the mutual support of peoples who won the battle in Normandy who won.

 And the victory is still felt on the coast of Omaha Beach, where we were with President, Emmanuel and other leaders yesterday.  It is the won of the battle that is mentioned there and proud that they can imitate its participants. Warriors who were very different from different countries, but also sought freedom to win.

 These are the battles won here, in Normandy, and we, in the east of Europe, in the northern seas of our continent and in the sky of Britain, in southern Europe and underground - in the movement of resistance in countries occupied by the Nazis - the most won battles returned Europe to humanity. .  There would be nothing without those battles won, there would be no one, there would be no us with you - Ukraine, France, all free nations.

 There would be no free personality in Europe as a continent, nor as a concept, nor as opportunities for real freedom. We all remember what Nazism means. If it was not for the victory over Nazism, all our continent would remain a truly dark spot in history. The source of death for others in the world.  It is from those victories that the victories of the free peoples 80 years ago - our Europe, a continent that is capable of being a source of hope, was born.

Our Europe is the result of the courage of men and women then, all who, despite fear, did not conquer evil and resisted and fought. Our Europe is a unity that has worked then and always works, always adds strength. Our Europe is the choice of people at the time to fight the way you need to win - so as not to let the evil take over your home. At that time, there was no other motivation for the Allies, except for the protection of their home and the right of people to be people.

People in the full sense of the word - endowed with freedom, dignity and rights from birth equally, so that no one defines themselves as a master over others and that everyone can choose their own path in life.  This is our Europe. This is what was provided with victories 80 years ago. Thank you for that.  And this is something that will not be eternal just by itself.

Dear Europeans! On the eve of the Normandy coast, where we all mentioned the Second World War and thanked the winners in it, at the same time there were two feelings: a sense of joy that the victory was won, and a sense of obligation to win. We live at a time when Europe has ceased to be a continent of peace again. Unfortunately.  And at a time when Nazism returns again. Unfortunately.  When the city is destroyed again in Europe and villages are burned.

When in Europe again - filtration camps, deportations and hatred that became a new Russian cult. When Europe is trying to override again and tell that certain peoples do not deserve independent existence.  All this is directed today against Ukraine.  But for that and so that tomorrow be directed against others. Even the order is visible how aggression can go: Baltia, Poland, Balkans and further. This Russian regime does not recognize the limits. He is not even enough for Europe.

 He has already destroyed Syria and is a chaotic sachele. He invests in terror and supersed life where he can reach, where he does not meet the resistance.  He uses everything to make countries weaken: from energy to food. In the 21st century, he returned the whole arsenal of centuries of past - from the blockade of the sea to the mass abduction of children of our people from the occupied territory of Ukraine to "re -educate" them completely different - in hatred of the home.

And the whole world is blackmailing so that the world may be afraid to counter it.  He will find a way to destabilize everyone, destabilize Europe, destabilize you. This can be tomorrow. Tomorrow - if Ukraine does not win.  This battle, which is now ongoing against the Russian invaders, continues on the land of our Kharkiv and Donetsk region, in border with Russia and on the approaches to Kherson, underground in Berdyansk, Melitopol and Crimea, in the sky of Ukraine, in our Black Sea.

This battle for Ukraine is now as existential for Europe as the battles won by previous generations of Europeans. This battle is a crossroads. With a moment, when we can write a story now, as we need, or can be victims of history - how it needs, our enemy. I will emphasize: a common enemy. We must remember that from the outside is an enemy who leaves neither nations nor literally people where he comes. He leaves neither the right to talk or choose how to live for people. He does not leave life.

 Look what Russian control is. These are burned, deserted ruins of our cities and villages. This is a fact. Take a look at what Putin turns his country and his people. It is the territory of the devalued life. Literally the downside of everything that is valuable to us is for us. The opposite of freedom. The opposite of equality. The opposite of brotherhood. Therefore, the opposite of Europe. This is an anti-Europe. That's what Putin is.

Road France! Can Putin win this battle? No, because we have no right to lose. Can this war go out on the lines that are now? No, because there are no lines for evil - that is 80 years ago. And if someone tries to draw temporary lines himself, it will only pause before a new war. Now it is just as when evil launched its aggression against neighbors in the 1930s. Hitler overcame the line by line. So does Putin.

And when direct threats of France were heard yesterday, it became only another argument in favor of our courage with you - in favor of no evil in the world had the arrogance to contrast France and proclaim the French with military purposes. Can we win this battle? Undoubtedly, yes. We can! Ukraine, and therefore, Europe. Europe, and therefore, France.  I am sure that France believed in freedom even when D-day has not happened.  But that day of landing, like the European Victory Day, was inevitable.

For the first time, I was honored to turn to you at a time that was very difficult, deadly for us. It's true. It was in the first month after the Russian invasion.  At that time, the invaders were not expelled from our capital, Kiev, and the battles were hampered near Kiev.

 At that time, the first operations that began to return the land occupied by Russia, return our homes, return our people, our children - then did not plan to liberate the island of Snake in the Black Sea and win the battle of the sea, the liberation of Kharkiv region and Kherson. At that moment, the world has not seen Bucha yet and did not know exactly what Russian occupation was. And no one believed how effective Ukrainians can become.

But even then, we knew-and knew exactly-that we would overcome any difficulties of war, and the only thing we need is that Ukrainians do not remain alone. In order for us to have effective support - support for continuous, timely, long -range and leadership, and then we will be guaranteed to do our job.

And it will be proof - proof that Europe will not roll into a time when, without planting allies on the continent and attracting almost the whole world, it was impossible to complete the war in Europe so that it is in line with the interests of Europe and the world, and therefore every person on earth. JE VUS REMERCIE D'ê être à Nos Côtés Pour défendre la vie. Merci I want to thank all of you for not hesitation and chose the side of humanity in this war. Side of culture.

Party of international law.  From the first not even days, but the hours of this attack, which Russia has tried to cross the 80 years of Europe, I know that I can rely on you, rely on France - on your hearts and principle. We thank you. The feeling that Ukraine is opposed to evil has united many people, many people of France. French families helped families of Ukraine who escaped from the war. The hearts of France wished us strength. I thank for it. Thank you to your people, your families.

We can rely on your support. For your weapons, training and diplomacy, on France's political and economic power. French air defense systems and armored vehicles, rockets and artillery, experience and advice help us save people's lives and restrain Russia thanks to you.   I am sure that the day will come when Ukraine will be able to see in its sky the same planes that we saw yesterday in the sky Normandy.

French combat aircraft - brilliant fighters that will prove that Europe is stronger under the control of Ukrainian pilots. Stronger than evil that dared Europe. Now, like 80 years ago, we can prove it - the power of our unity, the power of the union, the power of our common ideals. Emmanuel, Mr. President, I thank you for not having left Europe without leadership, and Ukraine - without France at times when it was decisive. We do our best to mention our cooperation in 80 years as a battle.

Is it so important. Thank you, Emmanuel! I would like to point out especially to each of you, dear deputies of the National Assembly.  You recently supported our security agreement - Ukraine and France. Following you, the Senate of France was supported by the agreement.  This is a special document - the roots of the union between our states.

 Thank you for this, for historical support, thank you for your vision! Thank you for the support of our movement to the European Union membership and for the understanding that the Eastern NATO border cannot be interrupted by the "gray zone" left outside the Alliance of Ukraine.   It is in Ukraine that the key to the security of all Europe.

Because without controlling Ukraine, Russia will have to become an ordinary nation -state, not a colonial empire that is constantly looking for whom to hide - both in Europe, Asia and Africa. Dear friends! In fact, our new D-day will take place in a week-Diplomacy Day, Diplomacy Day. The inaugural peace of peace, which can become a format that will bring the fair end of this war.  We have never bet on weapons only. We always took care of diplomacy.

 Putin rejected the diplomatic decision, starting a full -scale war and choosing an attempt to genocide Ukrainians instead of dialogue with Ukraine.  This is his choice. And the unity of the world is needed to squeeze it.  This is a great work, real - the great effort that is needed from countries on all continents. Not only from Europe. And so we unite. More than one hundred states and international organizations have supported the Summit of Peace.