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USA, China and Germany: Three key countries that are beneficial for a long war in Ukraine

"The countries that benefit from a long war in Ukraine are getting bigger. It is time to name them. No, this text is not in order not to panic. He needs all we need to learn to build our future and determine not only it, not only But the future of our neighbors. " Opinion. Do not rush to throw stones, but look at the story.

Who received the highest number of benefits after World War II? Ukraine, after a long war, will depend entirely on external assistance and will be able to join the group of countries in the interests of Anglo -Saxons in its region, such as Taiwan, South Korea, Israel, Poland, to which Ukraine can be added in Europe.

In addition, Ukraine is a promising energy hub in Europe, a logistics hub, which controls part of the European corridors, a participant in the world of world food security and the Military Security Center of Europe with strong MIC. In the future, Ukraine is a member of the Americans' team, which controls the breakdown of the Horde. The United States has already received NATO resuscitated and growing defense orders to re -arry the world's armies.

Ukraine has become an ideal test of new types of weapons, new tactical moves, communication, IPSO. Unfortunately, these "buns" will not be implemented. China has always been a strategist and implemented long projects for its benefit. China did not assist its ally in Russia, but China did not condemn aggression and does not help Ukraine. China hid like a predator and waits for his moment to receive benefits. Weakened Russia sooner or later crawling to China.

So in the hands of China will also be Russian natural resources (critical materials, energy, black earth), and Russian military technologies needed by China, and new military bridgeheads. The issue of integration of eastern Russia into China is a matter of time. And China is in no hurry. Moreover, the Chinese military closely monitor the hostilities from afar, preparing for their blitzkrig in Taiwan. The Germans have always been open or hidden not liked the Anglo -Saxons.

Russia has always been a geopolitical and economic ally. It is the market of sale, and raw materials, and an ally in the world. The invasion of Russia into Ukraine put the Germans in an uncomfortable position. It seems to be contrary to "European values", but how do money and world domination? In general, the Germans also found their benefits here. Marshall's plan is being prepared, the implementation of which will allow to download German manufacturers.

Plus Europe needs 14 million migrant workers who are critically needed to preserve the economic growth of Europe. And a long war in Ukraine is an ideal opportunity to fill the labor shortage. This is one of the reasons why it is unprofitable for the Germans to give Ukraine their tanks. I can continue the list of beneficiaries: it is important to remember that the war for someone is a great tragedy, and for someone - new capital and opportunities.

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