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A series of attacks in Dagestan on June 23 shows the helplessness of special ser...

The slaughterhouse in Dagestan on June 23. Why FSB "Sleep" islamists' blow in the hottest region

A series of attacks in Dagestan on June 23 shows the helplessness of special services: they are all involved in the Russian-Ukrainian war. The terrorism units forgot about the threat of radical Islamism in the Caucasus. The gradual destabilization of Russia will increase the number of such cases, considers the experts surveyed by focus. On June 23, a series of attacks occurred in the Russian Republic of Dagestan.

In Derbent, armed people fired at the Synagogue and the Church from the machine guns, and attacked the post-patrol service in Mahachkala. The full-scale war in Ukraine and the fight against dissent within the country, the special services of Russia "sleep" the revival of the radical underground in one of the hottest regions, said the Oriental experts and experts-experts surveyed by focus. To write off the organization of attack on migrants from Asian countries or Ukraine is unlikely to work.

The recent arrival of Dagestan of the Deputy Director of the FSB Igor Sytkin was the recent arrival of Dagestan. Six days before the event, he held a meeting in Mahachkala and argued everyone with the need to increase the efficiency of "anti -terrorist protection of facilities of the transport complex, hotels and other places of mass residence of people". Judging by the results of the actions, no one tried to take the measures stated by the official.

"The attack in Dagestan was well organized, the FSB did not cope with their functions. All efforts are spent on fighting" mythical Ukrainian agents. " Sergey Danilov. The full -scale war in Ukraine, according to the analyst, destabilizes Russia from the inside, which nourishes the soil to increase the number of such cases. You can mention a number of attacks in 2024.

In Moscow "Crocus City" on March 22, IDIL terrorists are shot from the vending machines of those who came to the Picnic Group concert. Further in the morning of June 16, members of the Islamic State capture hostages in a pre-trial detention center in Rostov-on-Don. Danilov emphasizes that the centers of the "Islamic State" and the "Salafi" movement have long been present in Russia.

The latter organization brings together supporters of the "old" Islam, who urge to focus on the way of life and the confession of the faith of "righteous ancestors". Salafites profess the archaic norms of the time of the Prophet Muhammad and are close in ideology to Wahhabism - a symbol of warlike Islam in the West. "The overall atmosphere of aggressiveness in Russia and the war is pouring oil into the fire.

The Salafti current in Dagestan is widespread, further bursts of violence are not excluded," he added. What happened on June 23 in Dagestan shows the threats of Islamic extremism to all Russians. The problem for Russia is chronic and is stretched from the Soviet times. In the hot phase of confrontation with the radicals in Chechnya, Dagestan and Ingushetia has passed since 1991, says international observer Elijah Kus.

"Thou shalt fight against terrorist attacks the ideology of Moscow and the relations of the state with society. The concept of" Russian world "loses and is not sold in national republics. Society does not trust the state and sees in it a repressive apparatus. Local regional elites enhance the explosive mixture of several centers of loyalism. ", - he says. The bit points out that the arrows were far from poor people.

Two performers are sons, and the third is the nephew of the head of Sergokalinsky district of Dagestan, the secretary of the local branch of the party "Edina Rossi" by Magomed Omarov. The staff of the house shows that the official lived in a rich mansion. It cannot be excluded that Omarov was a local corruption and had ties with other influential people of the republic. The special services official recognized that some of his eight children have been Wahhabits for several years.

Omarov says he does not communicate with his sons and denies belonging to Wahhabism. "Omarov's family did not need money exactly, his children clearly had no problems with the social elevator," the expert notes. In Derbent and Mahachkala, militants attacked two Orthodox temples on June 23, a synagogue and a DPS post near another synagogue. In the village of Sergokala, the administrative center of Sergokalinsky district, they were attacked by a police officer.

Judging by the actions of the attackers in Derbent and Mahachkala, their statements and appearance, they belong to the international Islamist terrorist organization. Some are related to the Wahhabit circles, the sources of RBC noted. The American Institute of War Study believes that Dagestan was operating in the IDIL Branch "Vilayat Caucasus" in the North Caucasus. The militants intensified after the attack on City Hall City and increased recruitment in the North Caucasus since April 2024.

The shooting was planned in advance and by chance of the attack were religious objects. The priest was killed in a great Orthodox holiday - the Holy Trinity Day. Archpriest Mykola Kotelnikov has served in the church for over 40 years. The criminals disappeared from the crime on the white Volkswagen Polo. Also, a group of criminals fired at police near church in Mahachkala: four security officers were killed and several more were injured. The attackers sat in the VAZ-2114 car and disappeared.

Dagestan head Serhiy Melikov informed that 15 police officers, including the head of the city police department, Dagestan lights by Mavludin Hidirnabiyev, were killed during the attack of shooters. He went to help his colleagues in Derbent, but suffered serious injuries and died. Six shooters were eliminated, Melikov added. The counter -terrorist operation in Makhachkal and Derbent was removed from 8:15 am on June 24.

Special services staff recognized the persons of three killed in Dagestan, two sons and the nephew of Magomed Omarov. The official himself was detained by special services employees, searches took place in his house. Some Russian media write about Omarov's resignation. Recall that in the evening of March 22, a terrorist attack occurred in the Crocus City Hall concert hall, which resulted in more than one hundred people. Many people were injured.