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Units of the 1st Guards Army of the Russian Federation, defeated during the coun...

Tanks switch: British intelligence learned about Russia's army maneuvers in Belarus

Units of the 1st Guards Army of the Russian Federation, defeated during the counter-offensive of the Armed Forces in the Kharkiv region, were noticed among the Russian forces. The invaders could have been training before deployment. The Russian command transfers part of the tank army to Belarus. This was reported in the intelligence of the UK Ministry of Defense of December 27.

The units of the 1st Guards Tank Army of Russia, part of which was defeated by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in September during a counter-offensive in Kharkiv region, were among the Russian forces, which were recently transferred to Belarus, the intelligence officers said. "Probably, this compound has been training before deployment and is unlikely to have the support units necessary to bring it to combat readiness," the British Defense Ministry said.

According to intelligence, the fighting has been concentrated around the Bakhmut sector for the last 48 hours and near Svatovo in the Luhansk region. Russia conducts frequent small -scale attacks in these areas, a small area goes "from hands to hands", summed up the military. On September 13, the UK Ministry of Defense declared the defeat of the elite tank unit of the Russian army in the Kharkiv direction.

Initially, the 1st Guards Tank Army was created for Moscow's defense in the event of a war with NATO. This unit, according to the British military, had serious losses in the first weeks of a full -scale invasion of Ukraine. The army was unable to completely restore strength until the Armed Forces counter -offensive.

On May 16, the General Directorate of Intelligence of Ukraine indicated that the 1st Guards Army of the Russian Federation lost more than 400 soldiers and more than 300 units of military equipment. We will remind that in the Ministry of Defense of Germany consider the new offensive of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in Ukraine in April next year from Belarus. German experts see two scenarios - the capture of Donbass or the full occupation of Ukraine.