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The words of the US leadership to ensure the victory of Ukraine in 2023 were con...

5 records of arms supply from the US to Ukraine in January 2023 to defeat

The words of the US leadership to ensure the victory of Ukraine in 2023 were confirmed by actions, and the American planning has a clear logic on January 6 and 19, the US Defense Ministry approved the 29th and 30th Military Assistance Packs to Ukraine. According to the official releases of the USA and the statements of officials, Ukraine will receive military assistance for a total amount of $ 5.

75 billion for comparison: in the past 2022, the peak of supply came in August - that month, Ukraine has been armed Desperately demanding weapons in NATO countries, in 2021 spent on the purchase of arms at a total of $ 800 million, that is, US supplies in one January 2023 only seven times larger than Ukraine itself allocated a whole year for its own protection on the eve of the attack of Russia. Now let's consider the number and assistance of US military assistance in January 2023.

Heavy weapons: - 18 155 mm self -propelled howitzers Paladin M109A6; - 36 105 mm Houba M119; - eight self -propelled anti -aircraft missile systems Avenger; - 109 BMP Bradley M2A2 ODS with 25 mm gun and controlled Tow-2 missiles; - 190 BTR M113 and M1126 Stryker; - 596 heavy and light armored vehicles of MRAP and HMMWV classes; - 30 armored machines for the supply of artillery shells; - six armored command and staff machines; - 22 armored artillery tractors.

Means of lesions: - 1100 corrected shells 155 mm Excalibur; - 90 000 shells 155 mm; - 1200 RAAM shells 155 mm for remote mining; - 190 000 shells 105 mm; - 21 800 mortars 120 mm; - rockets for Himars rocket-artillery system; - HARM Aviation Anti -radar missiles; - anti -aircraft missiles for NASAMS and SEA Sparrow systems; - 4000 unmanaged aviation missiles 70 mm ZUNI; - 1090 anti-tank controlled Tow-2 missiles; - 2000 anti -tank controlled missiles of unpaid type; - 545 000 25 mm of shells for BMP Bradley; - Claymore anti -personnel mines; - cartridges for automatic weapons, grenades for anti -personnel grenade launchers, sniper rifles, machine guns.

Special equipment: - mine trails on combat equipment; - devices and night visions. US Supply Records in January 2023: 1. The highest volumes of weapons in one month - $ 5. 75 billion 2. The largest number of artillery shells and mortar mines of all types - 304 100. 3. The largest number of armored vehicles and combat vehicles for mobility of troops for Month -943. 4.

Modern combat vehicles for the US Army -M2A2 ODS, M109A6, Stryker, which operate in a single network of combat management and communication, have automated fire control systems for the first time. Ifadts artillery management system was purchased for systematic implementation of their capabilities in December. 5. For the first time, mobile Avenger mobile anti -aircraft missile missile systems are supplied to the troops. Conclusions what US military planners decided to achieve: 1.

To increase the power of Ukrainian artillery fire, especially for the destruction of Russian infantry. 2. To increase the tactical mobility of the Ukrainian army, to supply armored vehicles, which are already in service with the US with whole battalion kits to improve logistics, operation and repair. 3.

Create a qualitative advantage on the battlefield by supplying modern BMP Bradley and APC Stryker, which have an advantage over Russian combat vehicles through automated troops and fire control systems, thermal imaging sights, in combination with accurate automatic guns and managed missiles. 4. Strengthen the lesions of high -precision shells and missiles of Russian objects and radar systems. 5.

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