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The volume of car production in the Russian Federation for 2022 fell to 50 years...

Back to the USSR: The production of a car in the Russian Federation collapsed to the level of Brezhnev's stagnation

The volume of car production in the Russian Federation for 2022 fell to 50 years ago. Most of the auto factory stopped working and closed. In 2022, about 450,000 new cars were released in Russia. This is 67% less than a year earlier. This was reported by The Moscow Times with reference to Rosstat data. It is the worst indicator of the Russian auto industry in the last half a century.

Similar production volumes were in the RSFSR in the "stagnation" era under Leonid Brezhnev - until Avtovas came out for a projected power. The reasons for the collapse are clear - after the imposition of sanctions against the Russian Federation, the leading world concerns left Russia, and most of the factories stopped. Of the 60 brands in the market, only 14 remained, in addition, 11 of them are Chinese and 3 are local, Russian.

In 2022, all car factories stopped in the Russian Federation, and most of them did not resume work. Citroen, Opel, Peugeot, Mitsubishi and Volkswagen are no longer released in Kaluga, in Vladivostok - Mazda, in Tatarstan - Ford. The Mercedes-Benz plant closed in the Moscow region, and in St. Petersburg-Hyundai-Kia, Nissan and Toyota.

It is noted that at the end of Moscow at the former Renault enterprise began to collect Chinese Jac crossovers under the brand "Moskvich", and in Kaliningrad instead of BMW, KIA and Hyundai started the issue of Kaiyi's car. However, their production volumes are small, and they did not improve general statistics. Avtovaz remains the leader of the industry. In 2022, he produced 188. 6 thousand cars against 304 thousand years earlier.

Due to the lack of components, the Lada Vesta and Largus was stopped, with the production of Lada Xray crossover, and other models began to produce without ABS and airbag. The company has an acute shortage of components for harvesting. At the end of the year, the AutoProm of the Russian Federation demonstrated growth, but still it remains the leader in the pace of collapse among all industries of the Russian industry. More than a quarter (27. 1%) of car assembly employees are on vacations, and 8.

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