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According to Jens Stoltenberg, Kharkiv, who suffers from the attacks of the inva...

"It is very difficult to protect yourself": NATO Secretary General criticized the US for a ban for Ukraine to beat on the Russian Federation

According to Jens Stoltenberg, Kharkiv, who suffers from the attacks of the invaders, is located near the border, but the forces of defense cannot use Western weapons against legitimate military purposes in the Russian Federation. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg called on the United States to allow Ukraine to beat US weapons in Russia. About it writes the edition of The Economist.

According to journalists, NATO Generals usually do not criticize the main member of the Alliance - the United States. However, Stoltenberg decided on it, though not straight. The publication writes that Stoltenberg did not specify who he was talking about, but, according to journalists, it was clear that US President's administration Joe Biden was talking about.

"It is time for the Allies to think about whether they should be lifted some restrictions that they have imposed on the use of the weapons transferred to Ukraine," NATO Secretary General. He noted that now Russian troops are striking in Kharkiv, and are trying to step in the Kharkiv region. Kharkiv himself is located near the border, but the defense forces cannot use Western weapons against legal military goals in the Russian Federation. "It is very difficult for her to protect herself," he said.

In addition, he reproached the European Union that he could not hand over a million artillery shells to Ukraine, although he promised. "European allies have promised a million artillery shells. We didn't see anything like that," he said. Journalists noted that, according to some analysts, Washington is trying to control the course of hostilities in Ukraine from the very beginning of the war.

More than once, the Americans refused to supply weapons, which was asked for Ukrainian politicians, but inferior to a few months. It is reported that the states are justified by the fact that they want to avoid escalation from Russia. The risk of escalation was also recognized by Jens Stoltenberg. The task, he said, is to "prevent this war from turning into a full -fledged war between Russia and NATO in Europe.

" "We conduct training, we provide Ukraine with weapons, ammunition, but we will not participate directly from NATO territory in hostilities," he said. Stoltenberg also stated that the Alliance has no plans to place troops in Ukraine. We will remind, the military-political observer Alexander Kovalenko stated that the war will end faster if Ukraine is allowed to beat the Russian Federation with Western weapons.