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Ukrainians saw mercenaries from the African Corps, which the Russians were attac...

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation attacked 20 km from Kharkiv: the military told about the situation in Liptsi (video)

Ukrainians saw mercenaries from the African Corps, which the Russians were attacked on Kharkiv. The enemies continue to storm the positions of defense forces, many of them, but in Lipka they have not entered. The Russian command gathered exposed, mobilized and contractors to step on the Armed Forces north of Kharkov near the village of Lipka. The Ukrainian military stabilized the situation.

Mikhail Gologursky told the commander of the 5th Battalion of the Spartan Brigade of the National Grigade Battalion "Spartan" on the All-Ukrainian TEMACHAFON. Hologursky stated that the Russians tried to step on the northern outskirts of the Lipts, but the attempts were unsuccessful - enemies stopped. According to him, during the last two weeks in this direction the assault actions of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation: use artillery, aviation.

Spartan fighters, who were entrusted to defend this front of the front, keep the defense, he stated. What happens in the adjacent areas cannot be told. "Our brigade is currently performing tasks in the Kharkiv direction, namely, in the settlement of Lipka, in its northern surroundings. The enemy has been stopped, the situation is now stabilized," he said. The National Guard also explained whether the offensive of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation on Kharkiv was possible.

He stressed that he did not know exactly if the reserves have a Russian command. At the same time on the battlefield they saw mercenaries from the "African Corps", and enemy soldiers attacked "without permissible and endlessly. " However, in his opinion, there is a likelihood of continuing the offensive. "How long, this is not known. But the likelihood of continuing offensive actions is," - summed up Hologursky. Lipka is a village in Kharkiv region, in which about 4,000 people lived before the war.

The settlement is located 17 km from the northern outskirts of the regional center. According to the online card of fighting DeepState, the latest promotion of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation took place on May 18-19-the Russians went 2. 5 km to Kharkiv. It should be noted that the offensive of the Russian Federation on Kharkiv began on May 10 with a powerful shelling of Vovchansk and a breakthrough of the border near the village of Pylyne.

The Armed Forces fighters within a few hours after the first attacks were shown how the enemy was stopped - for example, they were blown up by a column of Russian armored vehicles for 3 km deep into the Ukrainian territory. On May 22, the Bild Military Viewer explained to stabilize the situation. According to the observer, the first western weapons, such as Glsdb and Javelin PTRCs, helped.