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The Ukrainian army stopped the promotion of the invaders in Vovchansk and Lipets...

The Armed Forces are planning a counter -offensive in Kharkiv region - Bloomberg (map)

The Ukrainian army stopped the promotion of the invaders in Vovchansk and Lipets. And the reserves sent by Moscow to support the offensive to the Kharkiv region do not lead to results. The Armed Forces of Ukraine are planning counter -offensive actions to push Russian troops that seized the territory in the northeast of Kharkiv region. The invasion, which began two weeks ago, opened a new front and stretched Kyiv's resources.

But Moscow could not achieve its goal-to create a 30-kilometer buffer zone. Bloomberg writes about it. The publication gives the words of the representative of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Colonel Igor Prokhorenko, who stated that Russia has accumulated troops along the border in the neighboring Kharkiv Sumy region.

According to him, the defense there was strengthened, the military will not allow "miscalculations", which allowed the Russians to invade to Kharkiv region early this month. Two weeks after the Russian troops crossed the border and opened a new front in the Kharkiv region, the promotion of the invaders stopped in the city of Vovchansk, less than 10 kilometers south of the border, and in Lipets to the southwest.

The new Front of the Kremlin forced Kiev to transfer soldiers to the northeast of the country, depleting reserves as Moscow increased attacks in the east, Bloomberg notes. The Russian invasion in the north occurred after several months of strengthened bombing of the second largest city of Ukraine. Deepstate cartographic service did not record the significant promotion of the Kremlin troops as part of the offensive in Kharkiv region from Monday.

According to the Commander -in -Chief of the Armed Forces Alexander Sirsky, the Russian military command sends reserves to support the local offensive, but to no avail. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reported that Russian troops repelled a number of Ukrainian counterattacks, continuing to move deep into the Ukrainian defense line near Kharkiv.

Fighting in the eastern region of Donetsk region increased because the Kremlin has gained momentum, using its advantage over Ukraine in ammunition and live power. Moscow's troops advanced by the strategically important settlement of the Yar, which they seek to capture "at any cost". Syrsky said. We will remind, on May 24, The Wall Street Journal wrote that the situation in Kharkiv region could change if the United States grants the Armed Forces permission to strike US weapons in Russian territory.