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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation is convinced that Amer...

"No doubt": Russia stated that "US experts" brought missiles to Crimea

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation is convinced that Americans are leading war with them. The Russians are outraged that the strikes in Sevastopol in "One of the most important Orthodox holidays" have not been condemned in the world. On June 23, Russian invaders announced the attack of ATACMS missiles, the wreckage of which was fallen on the beach as a result of the air defense.

On June 24, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation called US Ambassador Linn Tracy and made her Demarsh. The missile blow to Sevastopol in Russia was called a "bloody crime," and the United States was accused of conducting a hybrid war and supplying ATACMS. Tracy was informed that the permission to strikes on the Russian Federation will not remain for Washington "unpunished" and promised "measures in response".

Also, on June 24, the Russian Foreign Ministry published a statement. It, in particular, states that the date for the "terrorist attack" was allegedly chosen by chance. In the aggressor country, they claim that the attack was carried out specifically in "one of the most important Orthodox holidays"-the Day of the Holy Trinity. According to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, AtacMS missiles were allegedly cited by "US experts".

They allegedly received the intelligence due to the alternation of Global Hawk drone in the sky. The hostile ministry emphasized that the US involvement in the Crimea is "no doubt. " Washington was accused of the fact that he was wringing a war against Russia. At the same time, the invaders expressed indignation that the attack had not been condemned by international organizations.

Recall that ISW analysts have stated that US allegations of victims of civilians in Crimea are called to keep Americans from military assistance to Ukraine. Experts accused the Russian authorities of irresponsibility and noted that the occupiers use the captured peninsula as a rear. The adviser to the chairman of the OP Mikhail Podolyak also emphasized that there could be no tourist zones and beaches during occupation and war.