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The land robot can destroy the enemy from the machine gun, carry cargo weighing ...

"To maximize the soldiers": The Armed Forces received the first "Ant" robots (photo)

The land robot can destroy the enemy from the machine gun, carry cargo weighing to a ton, as well as evacuate two wounded at the same time. Ternopil company "robotic complexes" transferred to the military personnel of the Defense Forces, who fight in the Kharkiv direction, the first multifunctional robotic complexes "Murakha". Representatives of the company dev. ua portal told about it.

It is reported that the land robot "Ant" is able to evacuate two wounded at once, carry large loads weighing to a ton, towing small combat equipment and moving in off -road conditions. The platform can also be installed an automated turel with a large caliber machine gun or other weapons. Judging by the photo, this is a drone on the track.

"If the management of flying UAV is not able to be able to, then" ant "is similar to a baby machine on the remote and does not require special skills,"-said the chief engineer of "robotic complexes" Maxim Radominsky. According to the company, "ant" weighs 350 kilograms, manages remotely and can leave the operator for several kilometers, having a margin of up to 30 kilometers. Most of its components are made in Ukraine, including the company "robotic complexes".

A month, the company can produce up to 12-15 such robots. The cost of one device is UAH 960,000. "We have created" ants "to maximize the soldiers in operations in the complex areas of the front. After all, the preservation of the lives of our defenders is a priority," - said the projection chief engineer Igor Tchaikovsky.