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The war has been going on for almost 900 days. On July 8, the Russian rocket str...

To solve hands in Ukraine. As long -range blows on the Russian Federation change the war

The war has been going on for almost 900 days. On July 8, the Russian rocket struck Okhmatdit Children's Hospital in Kiev. It is time for fear of escalation to move from Ukraine to Russia. The Ukrainian military is becoming more bold on military facilities in Russia. At the end of June, the Ukrainian Air Force destroyed the command management point of the Russian Regiment in Russia, showing what they are capable of allowing them to use all the ammunition provided without restrictions.

Focus translated the article by Stavros Atlazoglu on a new stage of the full -scale war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine. The Russian military target was located near the border in the Belgorod region, near Kharkiv, the second largest city in Ukraine.

According to the latest operational summary of the Institute of War Study, "satellite images confirms that Ukrainian Air Force has struck a successful blow to the Russian regiment in the Belgorod region at the end of June 2024, probably with the use of weapons provided by the West. offensive operations, provided that the West will continue to remove the restriction on the use of Western weapons for blows to military facilities in Russia.

" In many understanding, the Ukrainian military fight with one hand while the other is tied behind their back. On the one hand, the event's military assistance helped Ukraine repel Ukraine and release most of the territories captured by the Russian troops. On the other hand, the restrictions imposed by the United States to use some weapons systems did not allow the Ukrainian military to be fully applied.

Moreover, the White House's position prompted other suppliers to introduce similar restrictions on some weapons systems they sent to Ukraine. As for weapons systems, it is mainly about long-range ammunition with sufficient destructive potential to cause serious damage, such as the MGM-140 army tactical rocket (ATACMS) and the wing of Storm Shadow Air Basics.

Indeed, during most of the war, the Ukrainian military could not fully use two of their most efficient weapons systems - the High Mobile M142 (Himars) artillery rocket system and the M270 (MLRS) reactive system. However, Crimea is a completely different issue. In 2014, the Crimean Peninsula is illegally annexed by Russia, the Crimean Peninsula is a key strategic node in the region.

Throughout the conflict, Ukrainians considered Crimea, and the West generally supported this point of view and allowed the use of arms systems on the peninsula free of charge. The results were great. As a result of numerous blows, ballistic and winged missiles destroyed important objects of command and management, logistics centers, air defense stations, radars, ammunition warehouses, fuel storage and other important military goals. The war has been going on for almost 900 days.

The other day, the Russian rocket struck a children's hospital in Kiev. It is the time that the fear of escalation to move from Ukraine to the territory of Russia. Stavros Atlazoglu is an experienced journalist who writes on defense topics and specializes in special operations, as well as a veteran of the Greek army (served in the 575th Battalion of the Marine Corps and the Army Headquarters).