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The Russian troops called the Ukrainian a navigator, explained the journalist Yu...

"Wounded and one in the trench": in the Russian Federation the feat of the fighter 3 Oshbr, who defeated the guns (video)

The Russian troops called the Ukrainian a navigator, explained the journalist Yuri Butusov. It turns out that they boast the personnel of the death of their own soldiers. The Ukrainian military from the 3 separate assault brigade was alone with three Russian stormtroopers in positions near Borova in Kharkiv region. The fighter unexpectedly opened fire on the enemy and saved himself and his brothers.

Yuriy Butusov told about how the commander-in-chief Alexander Sirsky learned about the battle of the Ukrainian and the feat of the Ukrainian. Butusov showed a fighter Alexei Rodin, who stood against the assault unit of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Alexei is in a joint position - serves as a driver of the battalion of financial support. On June 15, together with his brothers, he kept positions under the Borova.

He explained that when the Russians were attacked, there were always many of them and they had an advantage in FPV. At some point, he had to take a small arms in his hands and put a queue on the occupiers who had penetrated into Ukrainian trenches. "They have very fpv-shin are strengthened. They press and we find it difficult to strengthen in one place. We collect a group of a man in 10 and go to help when there is a lot of 300s.

The enemy comes so actively that even drivers of all the drivers have to be transferred. I already Almost a month is seconded, " - explained the fighter. Ronin said he was injured from the discharge of Russian drone. Fighters were wounded around and he was waiting for twilight to help. At some point, tanks of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation hit. Then grenades arrived. In the end, the assault group of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation entered the trench.

Then the military grabbed the weapon and started shooting. The enemies were a few meters away and he managed to shoot the stormtroopers, the video. According to the lives, Alexander Sirsky was watching: he arrived at the hot spot of the front and saw the feat of the Ukrainian explained Butusov. In the Telegram channel, a Ukrainian journalist drew attention to reports from Russian military.

The Russians have posted screenshots of a video from an FPV-arom, which shows a fighter with white dressings, which repels the soldiers. They assured that it was a feat of the military of the Russian Federation, which is actually a lie. Similar statements to propagandists are ridiculous, summed up Butusov. "They liked it so much that they habitually decided to" conjure "another's achievement, clutching a white bandage on the sleeve of a Ukrainian soldier," the journalist said.

It should be noted that in June, the fighters 3 OSHBR told about the aggravation of the situation near the village of Borova in Kharkiv region. They explained that the enemy had collected a shock group from 10 thousand soldiers and tries to break through. One of the commanders of the brigade explained why such actions of the enemy.

In his opinion, in this way the Russians try to gain a tactical advantage, to fix themselves on the banks of the River Old Oskil and in a logistics unit in Kharkiv region. We remind that Deepstate analysts said that the units of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation occupied the village of Novooleksandrivka, which covered the logistics highway of the Armed Forces.