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Ukrainians have become much less active - people believe that the war goes far a...

Why did they fall to the army and how to return them? People think that everyone will make tanks

Ukrainians have become much less active - people believe that the war goes far away and does not apply. Alik Mukhin, one of them, tells about this and other problems of volunteers. Everyone feels the fact that citizens began to transfer less money to the needs of the army. And here you do not need to write off it only on the economic situation in the country. These are not related things. Let's take Kiev, Lviv or other western cities in the country.

We can ride from Friday to Sunday and see that all restaurants are killed, people go expensive cars, all supermarkets are filled. To a greater extent, references to the economic situation sound like a excuse. From the point of view of a military man, we understand that we never get tired of war, and there is nothing. One of the most important reasons why donations declined is the feeling of the stage of "ATO 2", as if the war is going somewhere far away.

People who have a direct touch with the front are now helping to a greater extent - someone is at war, a neighbor or a brother. The level of Donates has now come to the fact that the military is assisting volunteers. That is, the military itself buys the car and pays the volunteer to make the car. Or volunteers help other volunteers close the collection. Now Russia has started launched rockets and drones with the capital and people began to activate and mentioned that the war was going.

The decline in assistance began not now, but last year, in May and June. When people who first went and did not see the war that was here began to return. They began to declare that the war is far in Donetsk. This is the main problem. The civil population is activated during the mass shelling of the capital. Then people become scared and they realize that when Kiev is attacking, the war is not over.

The war became something remote and people began to translate the responsibility: "If I dropped a month ago ten hryvnias, then let someone else do it now. " The military who began to return to the rotation began to notice that their attitude to them began to change. Previously, camouflage machines were passed and cigarettes and products were passed, then no one misses the camouflage car. People do not understand how many drones and equipment are used daily.

There is also a story when the media and experts tell all the channels that we will already be in Crimea in the summer. And after that, the population thinks, "Yeah, we were giving us tanks and weapons. We are told that in the summer we will be in the Crimea, why we will strain then. " This does not mean that people need to give negative information, they need to talk a little about the real situation and not focus on the positive.

It is necessary to say that there are already two hundred thousand dead Russians and to remind the cost of it and what victims. That not everything is as rainbow and beautiful as people who drink in the center of Kiev Late. Everyone has rejection and rejection of information. But when they open your eyes and show a real situation, it will sober. And when they say that you will be in the Crimea in the summer, it does not contribute to the help of the army.

The CRAF Foundation is engaged in the military, the Azov, SBU and GUR team. Assistance is to prepare equipment, machine gun installation, camouflage machines and weapons, transfer of equipment and ammunition to the front. During a full -scale war, about two thousand cars, 1,700 weapons, two shock drones and one aircraft were painted in camouflage. In our case, the help decreased not twice, but much. Now it is at a close -mining level.

From early February 2022 to April, we closed our requests in one day. Now we need a month to close the collection. The amount of assistance from us has increased. We understand that from the Internet and TV everyone says that we will go on a counter -offensive. People think that everyone will make tanks and they do not need to participate. But they forget that this counter -offensive happens, all the guys should be equipment, technique and prepared. Volunteers see scale and work increases.