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While the process is inhibiting Poland, which requires the price tag not higher ...

$ 60 per barrel: EU pre -set a new price for Russian oil

While the process is inhibiting Poland, which requires the price tag not higher than $ 30 per barrel. The European Commission has suggested that the EU countries approved the price of oil from Russia at $ 60 per barrel. This was reported by The Wall Street Journal. The European Commission on Thursday, December 1, appealed to 27 Bloc Member States to approve the ceiling of prices for Russian oil.

This restrictive measure should lead to the fact that Russian oil prices will be much lower than the Brent international standard, which is traded at about $ 88 per barrel on Thursday. At the end of the day, it became known that EU countries have agreed in advance the limit of oil prices from Russia at $ 60. In addition, an additional adjustment mechanism has been developed, which should keep the marginal price for Russian oil at least 5% below the market.

However, in order for the decision to become final and come into force, Poland consent is required. The country requires set a price tag no higher than $ 30 a barrel. For its part, the Deputy Head of the Ministry of Finance, the US believes that the EU will be able to agree on the final price limit for Russian oil by December 5, despite the denial of Poland. It should be noted that exchange rates were immediately reacted to the European Commission initiative.

Yes, on December 1, Brent oil exceeded $ 89 per barrel for the first time from November 23. According to the Exchange at 17:25 Kyiv time, the cost of Brent slowed up to $ 88. 72 per barrel. A little earlier, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky at a press conference on the occasion of the Constituent Summit of Grain from Grain from Ukraine said that Russian oil prices should be limited at $ 30-40 per barrel.

According to him, this is necessary for Russia not to use oil billions in the war against Ukraine. "The restriction that is being considered today is about $ 65. I think it is artificial: Russia will earn those tens of billions. I would like these sanctions on Primes - the price limit for oil - not politically but realistically," Zelensky said . Earlier, the United States named the marginal price of Russian oil.

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