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The most up-to-date tank of Russia T-90 could not stand the test of Ukraine

"Based on the documented data today, almost 50% of T-90 capable tanks have been destroyed in Ukraine," which have no analogues in the world. " Opinion. Today, Ukraine has been documented in Ukraine (photo/video) Destruction/damage/trophy 45 Russian tanks T-90A/s/m "Breakthrough". According to uncomuited data, this number exceeded 70 units. In this context, this is interesting.

According to the same documented data, 940 T-72 tanks were destroyed in Ukraine, 380 tanks T-80 out of 550 capable tanks and it turns out that 45 out of… But here is an interesting question, how much? It is believed that up to 450 T-90 tanks in Russia.

But the question arises, if in Russia a sufficient number of capable tanks T-90, then from the fall of 2022 in the war zone in Ukraine began to appear export versions Russian Federation? Since the 2010s, the T-90 tanks in the Russian army have been derived from the warehouse and stored. At the time of the commencement of a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the Russian army of capable T-90 tanks had no more than 100! The rest were either in conservation or demanded overhaul.

That is, based on the documented data today, almost 50% of the capable T-90, which "have no analogues in the world" have been destroyed in Ukraine. But this is when we talk about documented data, and according to not documented - 70%? It is this catastrophic number of losses of the capable T-90 that explains that Russia is forced to bring export versions of these tanks that were appointed by India, "Bhishma". Result? And the result is simple.

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