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The EU is pragmatism. After the war the tone of conversation with Ukraine will change

"Western partners" will not do our work instead of us. The infantile setting that the breakthrough economic growth of our country enters someone's external priorities and we will be drawn by the fiber forward - this is idiocy Domestic policies do not work. " Opinion. False intensified about the post -war economy: 1. Investments will come. No, they won't come. Investments are deals. This attachment in specific projects in a certain place.

In order for them to come on expected scale, there should be hundreds and thousands of individual projects in Ukraine. Projects that meet the requirements of Western investors for risks and readiness. How many of them are now? Zero. Who prepares them? I ask the easier - do you personally prepare them in your business? And then who will be? 2. Ukraine is attractive investment. No, not attractive. This is not inherent in quality, it should be done.

Open any research on the investment attractiveness of developing countries-their pros and cons. There are risks, barriers and incentive programs everywhere. In Ukraine, risks and barriers are offering-127th in the world in the Economic Liberty Index in 2021, and incentive programs are inferior to competing countries.

In which direction did the war influenced, what do you think? Barriers need to be demolished, it is hygiene, and in order to compensate for the risks, incentive programs should be higher than the competitors. They should be unprecedented because the abyss in which the country is unprecedented. Are such programs able to generate current economic power? And she needs foreign investments? This is a key question. Earlier, everyone was arranged by a local sandbox, the deriban was enough. 3.

Introduction to the EU is the main thing, the rest will be added. No, will not be added. It is very simple: if you apply the EU standards to the Ukrainian production business, 90% will stop the first day. Environmental standards, in particular. For local players, entering the EU is a test for strength and willingness to compete. Moreover, all previous years not in any way the absence of Ukraine in the EU was the main factor that contains investments.

The main factor was the competitive backwardness of the investment market. And she has not gone anywhere and she will not go. Plus, the EU is full of countries that do not acquire significant investments. Yes, everyone talks about the program of restoration of destroyed infrastructure, housing and other capital facilities. This is the most obvious need. It will give impetus to the construction industry for several years.

And then? And other industries? And yet - no "Western partners" will do our job instead of us. The infantile installation that breaks the economic growth of our country is one of the external priorities and we will be drawn to the fiber - this is idiocy. Yes, all resources now - from the outside. But external levers without domestic policy do not work. Did we break through in 30 years? And would you personally worry you with the fate of the economy less than 1% of the US or the EU and 0.

1% of the world? After stabilizing the situation, the content and tone of talk about our problems will change significantly. The event is pragmatism. Practical conclusion: the more difficult the situation in which you find, the more radical and decisive the strategic response should be. The war catastrophically intensified and so weak investment positions of Ukraine. If the issue of an investment strategy is now not included in the agenda as equal, then you will not like the economic future.

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