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According to the press service of the Lipetsk village council, in case of change...

The offensive of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation to Kharkiv region: in the region will be a ban on travel to three border villages

According to the press service of the Lipetsk village council, in case of changes in the bandwidth will be reported additionally. In the Kharkiv region, it was decided to temporarily suspend the passage to the villages of Borshchev, Slobozhansk and Lipka due to constant shelling by the Russians. This is discussed in the message of the Lipetsk Village Council on Telegram. "Due to the mine danger and constant hostile shelling, which threatens the health and life of people, from 25. 06.

2024 the passage to the settlements of Borshchev, Slobozhanske and Lipka stops the settlements," - said in the village council. In addition, they assured that in case of changes in the bandwidth, additional information will be provided. In their turn, the Lipetsk Rural Military Administration reported that on June 24 at 5:30 in the village Slobozhanskoye was killed by locals who went for personal things. However, rejecting the path, they came to a hostile mine.

The staff of the rural administration expressed their sincere condolences to their relatives and relatives. "We bow our heads low in sorrow. Let the souls of the dead find eternal peace," they added there. In May, Russian occupation troops crossed the state border of Ukraine in the north of the Kharkiv region. After that, they started attempted on the offensive in the direction of Kharkiv.

However, the efforts of Ukrainian defenders contributed to the restraint of the enemy, which did not allow him to move forward for firing of Kharkiv from artillery. On June 17, a spokesman for the Khortytsia operative-strategic group Nazar Voloshin said that Russian invaders continue attempts on the position of Ukrainian defenders along the front line. Some of them continue brutal battles. Also on June 22, Nazar Voloshin said that Russian troops stopped intense fighting in Kharkiv region.