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The UK, long -range shells appreciated Ukrainian pilots. And the head of the Bri...

Citting 100%: Storm Shadow missiles struck all goals - Rennikov (video)

The UK, long -range shells appreciated Ukrainian pilots. And the head of the British Defense Ministry Ben Wallace received a gift-a red ribbon-fixer before starting a rocket. British long-range Storm Shadow missiles, provided with the Armed Forces, showed 100%result at the front. This was announced on May 28 by the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Alexei Reznikov on the air of a single telephony.

According to him, of the total number of launches of these missiles, all 100% accurately impressed the goals that the General Staff of the Armed Forces determined. "100 per 100 is absolutely effective. When the UK Defense Minister Ben Volles came to us last week before Ramstein, I presented him two pilots that used these missiles," the minister said. Wallace was presented with a red ribbon - a retainer before starting the Storm Shadow rocket, continued Reznikov.

The military-political leadership of Ukraine, he said, is negotiating with all countries with long-range long-range missiles. Until winter, Ukraine should also strengthen Ukraine. Reznikov is convinced of the need to protect all major cities of Ukraine - not only Kiev, but also Kharkiv, Dnipro, Odessa, Lviv and Zaporizhzhia. "It is necessary to expand the map so that all the Ukrainian sky is safe.

It is not about the system, but the number of systems that will be provided with rockets," the Ministry of Defense head said. We will remind that Wallace on May 18 confirmed the successful use of Storm Shadow by the Ukrainian military long -range missiles. Storm Shadow's winged rockets were known to Ukraine on May 11. The ammunition had to expand the potential of the Armed Forces on the eve of the expected counter -offensive.