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The Russians storm Bakhmut on several sides and suffer heavy losses, and the Arm...

"Probability of full environment": Azova's eccosider told about the Armed Forces in Bakhmut

The Russians storm Bakhmut on several sides and suffer heavy losses, and the Armed Forces try to improve the tactical situation. The Russian command goes to huge casualties to take the city of Bakhmut in Donetsk region. On March 4, Maxim Zhorin, the Azov regiment "Azov, reported on Telegram, reported about the situation in the Bakhmut direction.

According to him, the Russians try to attack simultaneously from several directions and storm the city of "Salt" - mixed units from the fighters of PEC "Wagner", regular parts of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and other forces. This indicates that the occupiers lose a lot of living power in the battles. "They are very expensive for this task, the loss is just crazy," Maxim Zhorin said. -"But, given everything, they are ready for any number of their plays to succeed.

" The excander added that the position of the Armed Forces in Bakhmut is complicated by every day, the most difficult direction remains Seversky. But the Ukrainian military continues to defend the city, and now take some measures to improve the tactical situation and "reduce the likelihood of a full environment. " In the report of March 3, analysts of the American Institute for the Study of War suggested that the Armed Forces are creating the conditions for retreat in Bakhmut.

There is information that Ukrainians destroyed the bridges across the Bakhmutivka River and on the Chrome-Bakhmut highway, according to analysts, they could do so to limit the occupiers in the eastern part of the city. On March 2, it became known that the Group of Tactical Air Intelligence of the Armed Forces "Birds of the Magyara" was removed from Bakhmut. According to commander Robert Brody, the soldiers in the middle of the night were ordered to move to a new place of fighting.