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The lawyer of the Ministry of Defense Volodymyr Smilka has specified how it will...

The Defense Ministry's lawyer told how women will take place for women from October 1

The lawyer of the Ministry of Defense Volodymyr Smilka has specified how it will be registered for women of certain specialties since October 1. In a comment to the public Smilka, he recalled that there are now 14 specialties whose representatives should be registered. At the same time, accounting does not mean mobilization. Women who will become obliged will not be able to travel abroad during martial law.

Video of the Day "Every woman who graduates from an educational institution in the relevant specialty has received a specialty. By this specialty, if provided in the order, it should come to the territorial assembly center for registration. If a woman works in such a specialty but does not have appropriate education, she can also be sent to the employer, ”the expert explained.

The registration requires a passport, identification code, marriage and birth certificate, diploma and certificate from the place of work with a specialty. By the end of the year, there will be no penalty for failure, Smilk said. According to the lawyer, the Ministry of Defense is now studying whether to make a separate account for women and how the medical commission will be organized. “Since we are approaching NATO standards, we go to them not only in weapons but also in military accounting . . .

This accounting is the same for both women and men. They collect the necessary documents and turn to the head of their enterprise, go to the territorial centers of completion, ”Smilka also said. On August 31, Deputy Minister of Defense Anna Malyar said that the agency had submitted to the Verkhovna Rada proposals for changes to the legislation on voluntary women's registration. According to her, there is no urgent need to increase the number of women in military accounting in Ukraine.

But there is a need for specialties and specialists in the fields of medicine, radio engineering and food technologies in the Ukrainian army. From October 1, 2022, representatives of some professions and specialties should be registered. After that, they will also be subject to departure restrictions on them. On March 21, 2022, the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine registered a new order with an updated list of specialties and professions, having received which women should be registered.

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