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The Russian military consumed alcohol. The incident was killed by the commander ...

While rest: Russian military blown up himself and his brothers with a hand grenade (video)

The Russian military consumed alcohol. The incident was killed by the commander of the engineering-sapper battalion, the deputy for the armament of the commander and the ordinary soldiers. As a result of the explosion of a grenade during a rest in the Rososh of the Voronezh region on the night of September 16, the deputy commander in/h 11741 was killed. This was reported by Russian media Astra. It is noted that all three dead - servicemen in/h 11741.

They rented the house of a local resident since September 13, and on the night of September 16 they consumed alcohol. At some point, one of the military blew a hand grenade. On the spot were killed: Deputy Commander of the Arms of 11741 Major Mykola Kuznetsov, commander of the engineering-sapper battalion of this part, Major Yevgen Tkach and Private Alexander Semenchenko.

According to the channel, the incident covered the Kremlin media, but they were banned from reporting that the dead were military. It should be noted that on September 16, it became known that in the city of Rossosh of the Voronezh region (Russian Federation) locals heard an explosion. A grenade exploded in one of the private homes, resulting in the death of three Russian servicemen.

We will remind that on June 17 the guerrillas "Atesh" reported that in the Crimea and in Kherson region Russian invaders suffer from cholera. Thus, the whole units of the occupiers, which are located along the North Crimean Channel, lose their combat capability and in April 2022 the Russian military attacked each other near the Chernobayivka of the Kherson region.