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The Russians were produced by the C-300 SPRs with SPRC rockets. Some of the stre...

Russian troops fired at Nikolaev: almost 30 houses, schools and hospitals were destroyed (video)

The Russians were produced by the C-300 SPRs with SPRC rockets. Some of the streets were blocked, from the explosions of the road stoned, ground and debris of destroyed buildings. Russian invaders at night, September 4, staged a mass shelling of civilian infrastructure of Nikolaev. The mayor of the city Alexander Senkevich wrote about it in Telegram. The shells hit 26 residential buildings, 74 windows flew out in the houses, and the roof was partially damaged in 7 houses, the mayor said.

Strong destruction, according to the mayor, is observed in 3 hospitals - there are no windows and doors, a spoiled facade of buildings. The medical offices and wards damaged the furniture and ceiling, the room is covered with fragments. In two schools, the windows and doors were knocked out after arrival, the hotel and museum buildings were damaged. In the morning at the scene there are emergency crews, masters repair power grids, gas communications and water supply.

Some of the streets had to be blocked for travel, and the explosions of the road were thrown away with stones, ground and debris. Friends, in the last days in Nikolaev, air alarm signals are heard very often - both day and night. I ask everyone to follow the safety rules. "Russian invaders do not betray themselves and continue to terrorize civilians," Senkevich said.

South operational command added that the Armed Forces were released around the city of missiles from the C-300 anti-aircraft missile complex. According to the military, there are no casualties and victims. The command supplemented the information of the authorities - the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation fired objects of port and industrial infrastructure of Nikolaev. Russian invaders attacked Voznesensk and Ochakov with winged caliber missiles.

The shells were hit by the granary, as a result, a fire occurred. The civilian guard of the object was injured. The air defense forces shot down the winged rocket of the class "Air-Earth" X-59, released by the Russian fighter of the Su-35 Mykolaiv region. It should be noted that Nikolaev was fired on August 29. On this day, 1 person was killed on the street, and another one in the house, 24 civilians were injured.